Come Home, Trucker… Come On Home

Come Home, Trucker… Come On Home

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

(Written For/Dedicated To My Husband, Skip)…..


I looked deep into your eyes

You didn’t see

As tears came into mine

I saw fatigue, weariness there


I worried for you as you stepped up

On the top step

Of the big truck you drove

East coast to west coast


You don’t know that as I look at you

I’m saying prayers for your safety

Imagining a gold ring

Of protection around you, your truck


One that would stretch, follow you

No matter where you went

Never leaving you unprotected

Keeping you safe, sound


I watch as you drive off, waving at me

I feel the pangs of loneliness

I choke back a sob

I missed you before you drove away


Will I see you again… will you come back home

I begin crying inside, the thoughts hurt me

Make me afraid … I feel panic

I want you to come back safely


To me, your Pups, your home

To be with us, to play … to watch tv

Drink your sweet ice tea

I want you to come home forever


Never go back out on a big truck

You’ve become older now

It’s time to leave it to the younger drivers

Who are stepping into your shoes


Don’t look back, let’s go forward

To enjoy our older life

Go fishing, to the movie, a museum

Play with our Pups, live happily …ever after


Lay your head on your pillow

In your own bed, wake up

To the sounds of home, happy sounds

That begin once you walk into the house


Welcome back home, my precious husband

You came back safe and sound

My prayers were answered

I thank you, God… with my very heart


It’s time for you to retire from the road

Live out your life doing things you want

Be around the ones who love you most

Come home, trucker… come on home



10 thoughts on “Come Home, Trucker… Come On Home

  1. Beautiful! I cried. Not a bad cry just a let it out cry. I also relate to your lose of your son. I didn’t lose my only child. In fact, he wasn’t biologically my child. He was my foster child. We started fostering him at birth. He was special needs and medically fragile and we were told he wouldn’t live to be 6 mths. At the age of 11 he passed away but only after touching so many lives. He couldn’t walk talk eat (g-tube feed) and he was my life as no one needed me as he did. No one loved as unconditionally as he did. My daughters felt the same way he was their brother and the love of their lives. When he passed away I was with my very super hero trucker and if I hadn’t been …..well as you know …it was hard and it still is. But I live and I love and I am thankful for the time we had. Thank you for your wonderful site

    • How your words touched my very heart. I’m so happy you wrote to me, shared with me some of what meant so much in life to you. I hope you will stop by often. Love, Gloria :)))

  2. Hi Gloria! πŸ™‚

    I don’t use facebook these days, I just glance in to see what my God daughter and her siblings are up to.

    I didn’t want to go on it to begin with, but a few of my friends needed help with some games they were playing! πŸ™‚

    These days nobody leaves me messages, so I just check when the email request pops up…

    Love and hugs!


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