Especially When That Good Neighbor Is… Me

Especially When That Good Neighbor Is… Me

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Sometimes… we can live places where if you become too familiar with people who live nearby… it’s not the happiest thing in the world.  Especially when the relationship is one-sided; when you only want to be friendly ‘from a distance’…


Especially when a person has been private many years… who isn’t ready to give it up for people she/he knows aren’t ever going to be there in his/her life.


Especially… when they only want to use he/she as a taxi; to borrow money… or overcharge to do things for you.


Definitely… no one wants neighbors like that… ones who ‘can’t hold their ground’.  Who did they depend on ‘before’?


Good people will fall into the ‘trap’ by being so nice, caring.  This leads people into thinking you are weak, easily taken advantage of.  They don’t know that good people ‘hope their new neighbors’ are just as nice.


Good neighbors dread coming home; try to be quiet when opening, closing doors.  Dread when their phone begins to ring… know that if they show ‘life signs’ around their home… someone is going to ‘break that peacefulness’ that was known ‘before’ someone moved into the neighborhood.


It’s sad, because someone’s feelings are bound to be hurt.  Hurt in a gentle way… because it’ll embarrass, and let someone know they haven’t fooled… anyone.  Especially… after 3 times… it’s only ‘a matter of time’…..


Embarrassment… because someone will know that all along… good neighbors ‘knew the whole time’… what was going on… they gave the benefit of the doubt…. hoped someone would get the hint; not over-step boundaries.  Good neighbors are just that… no more.  They aren’t your taxi cabs, nor your ‘bank’…


Hurt when they realize that if they ‘dropped a puppy off’ somewhere to ‘get rid of it’… they need to never-ever expect good neighbors to look at them, acknowledge them again.


Someone’s going to feel really bad… especially… if a little precious puppy isn’t around anymore.  One that the good neighbors bought medicine for to help its skin; fed it extra to help it get more good things to nourish its body.


The good neighbors will stay good neighbors, only help if there’s an emergency… but, their friendship will never be there… again.  They will never be a ‘taxi cab’ again; nor will they ever pay too much for a small service… again.  Regardless… they won’t be that ever again…..


Especially… if that little puppy has been mistreated… taken off somewhere without the good neighbors knowing that it might need a new home…


Especially… if the good neighbors would have taken the little puppy they had grown to love, care for.


Especially when… someone said they knew the good neighbors loved that puppy…. and they liked that.  Liked that the good neighbors were helping to make its skin well… someone liked that the good neighbors bought medicine for it… even put it on.


Liked that the good neighbors gave their little puppy ‘extra’ good food.  Liked knowing the puppy was always welcomed at their home, yard.


Finding out about the little puppy is going to determine a lot of things…. especially when the good neighbors will still be nice; but… never the same again.


Especially if someone can mistreat a young puppy… get rid of a precious little puppy.


No… the good neighbors won’t ever be the same … especially when that good neighbor is…  me.












5 thoughts on “Especially When That Good Neighbor Is… Me

  1. Yes, I too have been the ‘good neighbour’ only to be used and misused again and again.

    Darrell was the worst as he was a devious, manipulative, two-faced user and drunk who would say anything, do anything to get me to buy his drink for him.

    He died owing me £176, Mark £200 and Kellogs £300 and all three of us walked away from him in the end leaving him without more than a minimal level of support from his son.

    Darrell died of multiple alcohol induced organ failure.

    He wasn’t always this way though and when his funeral came around it was standing room only in the chapel and a third more couldn’t get in! 🙂

    Doug is just as devious and manipulative, but he also makes his money by selling me out and acting as the eyes and ears of my tormentors.

    He needs my support, so he begs for money and if I don’t listen to his hints he begs for less and less until he reaches £1 at which point I usually give in because it is so damned embarrassing to have to keep saying no.

    I haven’t seen him for a few days now, but then he owes me £2.70 for booze and doesn’t come back until he can pay me back.

    Meantime he’s using this toe hold in my life to ask me questions for his paymasters.

    It is a scenario that is worthy of a book I think… 🙂

    Love and hugs!


  2. gloria i hate to say this but i didn’t get what is going on. it makes me feel a bit thick and maybe i shouldn’t ask. if you don’t mind would you explain to me what is going on? we are cordial with our neighbors but not close to any of them.

  3. You know Gloria, I find that no matter how I try to see through this kind of situation, I still manage to get burned, eventually. My faith in humanity waxes and wanes at times due to the awful way people treat each other or animals. I used to get asked “Aren’t you AFRAID of hanging out in a place full of DEAD bodies?” My answer will ALWAYS be this: “Heck NO! It’s the ones who are still breathing that scare me!”

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