If I Could Have Just Known… Rest In Peace Little Camo

If I Could Have Just Known… Rest In Peace Little Camo
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/Granny Gee

I walked outside in the bright sunshine
Smiling a happy smile, calling to you
I waited several moments to call again
For a moment, I felt something inside

I looked through the leaves of the shrubbery
Where I knew I’d first see your little feet
Soon, your little body as you ran
Happily, tail up in the air

You ran to me, happy to get little special
Treats, and a hug from me
I called your name once again
One more time… you didn’t come

The next day, I walked back to the same spot
To call once more… something inside… fear?
I pushed it away; I just knew you’d come
Running to me, little tail up high

You didn’t come once again, I felt tears
In my eyes, my mind began to question
Why? Why aren’t you coming to me
The third day… I ‘knew’ you wouldn’t be coming

I began to sob… I had to face up to the knowledge
Something… is wrong; I felt sick inside
I want to know… I don’t want to know
I’m going to hurt again… I’ve grown to love you

Little precious puppy, so happy… sweet
I find out that you are dying
I can’t bear the pain… it hurts so bad
Little Camo… a little puppy named Camo

I would have taken you if I knew you weren’t wanted
I miss seeing you run, play, your little tail up in the air
So happy, free… trusting everyone to protect you
I didn’t know… now, I sit here… I cry for you

For a little precious baby puppy who loved me
Whom I’d grown to love… the ones who said they loved her
Didn’t love her the way they should
If I could have just known… if I could have just known

Note: My heart breaks for a little puppy I grew to love… I wish
I had just asked for her, protected her. Now… I cry for… her. I am
grieving for her… a sweet, little innocent soul. Rest in peace, Camo.


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