It’s Time To Truly Make Her A Part Of … Us

It’s Time To Truly Make Her A Part Of… Us

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



This is little, precious Camo… I’m so thankful to have her.  You might not can see the beauty of this little soul, yet… soon, you will.  I’m going to make her get well… if I have to lay by her side, I will care for her.  She has   a good home, soon will be a ‘house Pup’; good food, and … us.  For now, she has to be to herself so, she can heal… for now, I’m glad she is acclimated to the outside.  I drop the canvas each night over the door, sides of her ‘cozy house’, so mosquitoes can’t bite her.  See her little precious face… it melts my heart.





I just folded Camo’s towels, bath cloth, bedding.  I washed all in hot, sudsy, Clorox water.  In the morning, I will take the big kennel cab she has for her ‘cozy house’… wash it out with sudsy, Clorox water.


She has a fenced-in enclosure on the porch so, she can move about as she wants.  She has two stainless steel bowls… one holding dry food she can eat whenever she wants to… the other holds her evening supper…. pure white chicken breast with dry food.  A big pan holds her cool water to drink.


I have a piece of canvas I pull down over her ‘cozy house’ at night-time to protect her from mosquitoes.  Outside her fence, there’s a big fan to circulate the air around her during the day.


She eats very good, drinks a lot of cool water.  She’s very ‘wiggly’, her tail goes up in the air.  I’m so thankful.  Looking at her, one would think there’s no way she could have any energy.


Camo’s skin was left untreated; she didn’t have a clean, dry place to lay as she became very sick.  It breaks my heart thinking about it.


Thank-God, she somehow made a trip to here … I know she was looking for me.  Thank-God, I walked outside in time to see her… to know she didn’t die… Camo was alive!


I am going to make her get well.  I will sleep by her side if I have to.  I mean for Camo to be beautiful, well, spoiled and happy.  That’s what this little, precious puppy deserves.


I can’t even begin to tell you the stress of watching her suffer when she came each day for a morning, evening treat.  I asked for permission to get medicine for her… and said I would put it on her.  I was told I could.  She began to get better…. then, I didn’t see her anymore… excepting to see her briefly run here to look in her bowl.  I could see she had gotten worse.


I began worrying about her.  I was told she was dying, not moving anymore… and a shotgun would be brought home in a day or two, if she wasn’t better.  Oh, my heart… I agonized over this beautiful little puppy…


I began to cry uncontrollably when I got by myself… I should have asked for her.  Now, she’d be dead by the next day, surely…..  I felt anger because I felt the people knew I’d become attached to her, they no longer wanted her because they are expecting a baby.


Not only that, we had bought medicine for her twice… why didn’t someone tell me so, her skin wouldn’t get into such horrid condition.  Why?  I had the medicine here for her… I was going to use it faithfully.


Not only have I been experiencing stress for this precious puppy…. we’ve had several other things to stress us out.  It all caught up to me yesterday evening… my chest began hurting in the center.  This happens from time to time… this time was the worst ever.  I began to have a headache, an awful headache.


I was alone, Skip wasn’t here.  I made it outside to the pickup… I was going to drive myself to the emergency room.  I didn’t want to leave our Pups…. and Camo.  I sat in the pickup, crying.  I began to dial 911…. changed my mind, called Skip.  I couldn’t get him on the cell phone.


I laid back against the seat.  I realized I’d run outside to the pickup, barefooted… on the rocks!  I didn’t even notice … the pain was that bad.  I kept taking deep breaths, hoping the pain would subside.  I didn’t want to leave the Pups… Skip won’t be home for several days.


Thank-God, I was home… Camo would surely have died.  These thoughts were going through my mind as I kept trying to decide ‘should I go, call 911’.  The pain was ‘ungodly’…….


This went on for about ten-fifteen minutes when… thankfully, the pain subsided.  I could breathe easier; my head quit hurting.  I thanked God… I didn’t want to leave now… not when I have to make Camo get well so, she can be ‘home’ just like our other Pups.  I don’t want her to have to sleep on the porch no longer than she needs to.  I’m so glad for now… she has been an outside pup.  Not for long….


The strange thing is…. she won’t go to the ‘bathroom’ on the porch.  I have to be here to let her run free in the fenced-in yard.  She’s already ‘house-broken’ on her own.  I’m so proud of that…. of course, when ‘she goes’ out in the yard… I praise her by clapping my hands, saying ‘yay-yyyyyyyy’!!!


She is going to blend in our family beautifully… she’ll have free run to go outside when she wants to, just like Kissy, and Chadwick.  They have a nice pet door.  Not only that… their yard is always clean… we clean it constantly.  We don’t want them to walk in a ‘nasty’ yard.


When she is well, she will sleep on the bed with ‘all of us’… I’m so thankful we haven’t gotten rid of our king-size bed!  I was wanting to downsize to a queen-size… not anymore.  :)))  I look forward to the day in the near future for her to become truly a part of ‘us’… live in the house with us.  I can tell she is going to be a very good Pup, too.


I have all her clean bedding, bath cloth ready to put in her cozy house in the morning.  Little Camo never has to sleep on anything dirty ever again… and will soon sleep on a soft bed… in the near future.  As long as I have a breath in me… our Pups will be loved, spoiled, taken care of.


We are her family now… we will protect her just as we do our Pups… because as of yesterday, July 04… 2013, she became ‘our Pup’…. also.  Now… it’s time for her to get well…. so, we can hug her, play with her without hurting her skin… make her truly a part of ‘us.





17 thoughts on “It’s Time To Truly Make Her A Part Of … Us

  1. I’m sure it’ll get a little better tomorrow. You know she’ll be fine, now.
    I’m happy she didn’t die. You have done the right thing so do not dwell on what might’ve happened to her. You cannot beat yourself up for how it could have turned out. Instead, I would expect you to celebrate the good in the whole thing, that happy ending that deserves the real attention.

    • You are so right, CJ. Soon, this will be water under the bridge… she’ll be well, have her shots, and be spayed. All the while… she is knowing such love, and a good home where she is very much appreciated. :)))

  2. Hi hun! 🙂

    I’m glad Camo is with you now! 🙂

    I don’t know about letting the dogs sleep on the same bed though – could get a bit crowded when Skip is home! 🙂

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better – here in the UK I would have said go to the doctor, but then medicine is (mostly) free in the UK!!! 🙂

    Love and hugs always!


    P.S: Happy Birthday to me – 53 today!!! 🙂

    • Happy Birthday To You, Prenin!!! I hope your day is a wonderful one, Prenin. :)))

      When Camo is well… she’ll come sleep on the big bed with us. I’m sure as she becomes spoiled… she’ll do what our other two Pups do… take up all the bed… while Skip and I sleep on the edge, ha! :))) We don’t care… we just want ‘them to be comfortable’!!! Ha! Ha! :)))

      Here, medicine and medical care isn’t free. I went to the emergency room months ago… oh my, the cost was several thousand dollars.

      May your day, today, your birthday… be everything you wish for, Prenin. Take care! Love, Gloria :)))


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