UPDATE: PRECIOUS CAMO… ‘CAMIE’ (Day 6… July 09, 2013)

UPDATE … PRECIOUS CAMO… CAMIE    (Day 6… July 09, 2013)

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




Precious Camo’s (Camie) Facebook Page:





Little Precious Camo… we call her ‘Camie’ now, in honor of her Aunt Mezza.  I know God connected Camie and I… I know that he gave her the strength to get to me, let me know she was still alive… only to disappear once again.


Once I knew she was alive, I went into action.  I made a phone call asking for her.  Later, I received the phone call saying I could have her.  Thank-God… I was led to her to the edge of the woods where she lay dying.  She wouldn’t get back up.


Instead of taking time to get the truck to go get her, I walked to find her.  I had the opportunity to get her out of her nightmare… I wasn’t letting the window close on me.  I meant to save her.  For three days I had cried over her… I couldn’t understand ‘why’ she didn’t come to visit anymore.


I had become attached to this little puppy… Skip was always commenting on how much she loved me.  I didn’t want to become attached to her… but, I wanted to make sure she got good food.  Every morning, evening … I would make her a bowl of good food just as I did for our Pups.  She’d come to eat it… it made me happy.



Precious Camo/Camie…. this photo taken tonight… she’s resting quietly.  See her cozy house, her little matching rug… happy, warm, loving colors to make her well.  Her bedding is always clean.



Camie is eating her good supper.  She has been a little more active this evening… I’m so thankful.  Yesterday, I worried she was dying… again.



I had begun putting medicine on her to heal her little body, after getting permission from the owner… then… as soon as she was getting better… she was gone.  Was someone keeping her from coming back… I don’t know.  I only knew that every morning, evening… I would call for her.  I know when she lay dying… she heard my voice, wanted to come to me.  My heart squeezes in pain thinking about it.


I heard the words that had to do with ‘getting rid of her’.  Later, the words about a shotgun if she was still living in a couple days.  I was told she was dying, not doing anything.  I was devastated.


You can understand why I didn’t take time to get the truck to drive to get her…. I didn’t want to waste any time.  Once under my protection, I could save her.  Once I was told that I could have her, she became mine.


I carried her physically… we both were in a lot of pain.  Mine from past surgeries, the ‘forever’ pain in my body…. and her little body all in sores, bleeding… I saw maggots on her.


I meant to get her to our home to care for her.  I couldn’t believe the conditon this little baby puppy was in.  I won’t talk bad about anyone, or point fingers… that’s ‘water under the dam’.  What’s more important now… is Precious Camo/Camie.


She’s on the road to recovery.  The only person I talk about this to… is Skip.  He knows my real feelings about letting a little puppy get in this condition.  He knows how devastated I’ve been, how I’ve cried out of pure grief for one little puppy I thought had died.


I have cried many tears over Camie; tears still come in my eyes, my heart.  I know she lay by her little self in the dark, dying.  Probably rained on… we’ve gotten so much rain lately.  I have to look forward… thinking like this breaks my very Heart.  I tell myself to go forward… she is getting better little by little.


Today makes 6 days she has been with us, her new family.  Each day I see a little improvement.  She is the perfect house Pup… she has been deathly sick… but, she’s never ‘went to the bathroom’ in her recovery area.  Never.  I go to her often… so, she can go outside ‘to go’.


She has a clean home, a fenced-in yard that’s cleaned throughout each day… to keep her safe.  She gets good food, lots of fresh water… her bed is changed upwards of 4-5 times daily.  Her little body still bleeds, and such.  I won’t let her lay on dirty bedding.


For now, she can only be petted in the lightest of touches… she hurts easily.  I pat her little head, and on her little rump making her wag her tail.  We look forward to loving her, hugging her, playing with her… it will be a while before that can happen.  For now, she feels love in our voices, our actions.



In the background you can see ‘Tommy’s Plant’… I placed it on top of Camie’s cozy house to be happy, cheerful… hoping Tommy could in some way be her guardian angel……… it just ‘felt right’.



Tonight, I sit here with a most painful pulled muscle in my right side.  It’s caused me more tears.  :)))  I don’t care.  I am focused on this little puppy getting well… I would crawl on the floor to help her if I had to.  I would fight a bear to… protect her.  She’s my baby now… Precious Camo/Camie is now, one of ‘Our Pups’…


Precious Camo (Camie) would love for you to come be her friend on Facebook.  Photos are placed daily to show her progress.  She welcomes all her new friends… all the prayers, and positive thoughts to help her get well.


Camie will always be an inside Pup now… she’ll be able to run in and out of the pet door when she wants to. This one little puppy came to the right place… we love her with our very Hearts…..



26 thoughts on “UPDATE: PRECIOUS CAMO… ‘CAMIE’ (Day 6… July 09, 2013)

  1. I am so glad she has a great ‘mom’ now. How did her fur get so bad? Did she have mange? oh well, anyway, she has a good, loving home to call her own and I won’t doubt she’ll be as loyal a pet as any. Good Gloria. Mama Gloria.

    • :))) The people who had her, let her get mange… didn’t do anything about it…

      Then… the last days, they left her to die… when they should have told me. They knew I loved her, she loved me. We bought medicine for her… and after I put it on… for ‘some reason’… I didn’t see her.

      Then, I was told she was dying… and in the ‘next day or two, a shotgun’ was being brought home….. one was hoping she’d just die, because the other didn’t want it, didn’t like dogs.

      • Sadly, people who do this also throw their children away like that. You have a heart of gold; but I think you already got what the puppy was going through. The puppy found YOU. So happy to see a beautiful ending.

    • Tersia, thank-you for this award. I am so honored. I don’t know how to really do them, know there are many rules. I thank you for thinking of me… it’s so special. Love, Gloria

  2. Hi Gloria !
    I’m so glad she has you beside! And bless you for your kind heart ❤
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I’m enjoying to read your posts😃❤

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