I’m So Thankful To Have This Puppy… It Must Be Meant To Be

I’m So Thankful To Have This Puppy…  It Must Be Meant To Be

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




Yesterday, I received in the mail… my second Copyright Certificate.  This one is for ‘I CRY FOR TOMMY’.  Now… I have both certificates in my possession; both of my books are officially copyrighted.





Gloria Faye Brown BAR




Lately, as you know… most of my time has been in caring for Camie (Precious Camo), the little puppy I rescued.  Also, I had a pulled muscle from carrying Camie, when I rescued her… that really was quite painful for some time.  Skip has been very sick… he is better now, but… still sick.


Kissy and Chadwick both, are well.  I’m so thankful for that.  They both are used to Camie being in the house… sometimes, they will go lay down by the ‘hospital area’, near her.  They don’t bark, growl at her.


It will be some time before Camie will be well enough to be able to play with them.  Her skin is in real bad condition… so sore.  She has demodectic mange… and it’s a really bad condition.  Hers is worse for having laid on the cold, wet ground dying.


The photos I take of her show her condition.  I’ll be so happy when you can begin to see such progress in her photos.  This precious little puppy has a very long, hard road to travel.  I hope you will constantly send prayers her way, and positive thoughts.


I mean to win this battle, make her get well.  I sleep short periods of time at night to watch over her… and let her out so, that she doesn’t suffer extra waiting to ‘go to the bathroom’.  She’s housebroken, and won’t ‘go’ inside.  She’s a very smart puppy.


I’m so thankful to have this little puppy… it must be meant to be.  :)))



15 thoughts on “I’m So Thankful To Have This Puppy… It Must Be Meant To Be

  1. Yes, I believe in fate, that we are suppose to be where we are at this moment and doing what we were meant to do. One year and six months ago I brought home puppy Mason, a solid white Teddy Bear. Although he was not a rescue dog, he rescued me; now my constant companion he brings me back to the present, tells me when I have sat at the computer too long, when it is time to eat and sleep. We are a family of rescue cats and dogs, Mason gets credit for rescuing his old mommy. My heart is with you on so many levels, I pray for Cameo’s health, your many sacrifices and congrats on the certificates. Ann

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  3. Get well soon Gloria and Skip! 🙂

    Camo sounds like she’s coming along well – I’m glad she’s house trained! 🙂

    Sorry for the delay in commenting, but WordPress was not working properly for the past few days, so I was unable to leave replies! 😦

    Love and hugs to you and the family!


    • I am so glad to hear you say that… people can ‘see more’ when looking from a distance. I’m so close to her… I worry so much… and I’m seeing where her little body hurts. Thank-you for telling me!

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