On This Side Of The Fence…

On This Side Of The Fence…
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

The month of July has been quite an unusual month for me, us. It has been another month of tears, darkness for me. It began on the first of July…….

I began to miss a precious little puppy who would come to visit our Pups. She’d come in the evenings, mornings… to eat food out of the bowl I’d set out for her. She would run up, down the fenced-in yard with our Pups… on the outside of the fence. They would run with her … on this side of the fence.

I would stand, watch her. I would think how sad for a little puppy to be without a fenced-in yard to keep her safe from bigger animals at night. I worried for this little puppy… soon, male dogs would be after her… where would she run to get away? Wild animals came into her yard at night… to steal any food left out for her.

Now… the little puppy is ‘on this side of the fence’. She in our care, and she’s protected… she is very ill. She has demodectic mange. I’ve written about her… her name is Camie, now. She was called ‘Camo’. She has a Facebook page… Precious Camo. This is the link to it… come be her friend.


I stayed upset over her when she didn’t come anymore. You can read ‘why’ in my last several posts. I thought she had died… then, I happened to go outside on the porch at the right time… when she… appeared… only to disappear once again.

This time, I didn’t waste anytime… I went looking for her… and found her. She was dying…

I carried her little body in both my arms… I could barely carry her, had to keep putting her down… somehow, I made it back to the house. My prayer was answered… my prayer was ‘Please God give me the strength to get her home’.

I cried from the pain of struggling to get her back to our home. Finally… I came to our fence, stood there for a moment after putting her on the ground. I thanked God in my mind for helping me get her home. Then, I opened the gate… and brought…

That little puppy ‘on this side of the fence’…….

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