She Knew She Was… Home

She Knew She Was … Home
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




A little puppy left alone dying, discarded like trash
On the cold, wet ground as she lay listening to sounds around
Of children who ran, played, laughed… who used to play with her
Children who knew she was there… who pretended she wasn’t there
The little puppy whimpered, cried for a kind hand to touch its head

No one came to hold, comfort the little puppy who was left to die
In the puppy’s mind it remembered a person who always fed it
When she visited her, played with her Pups… she wished for that lady
Somehow, her little body got up on its four feet, walked the distance
To the lady’s home just as… the woman came out on the porch

The lady cried out for her… she ran in the house to get something
For the puppy to eat… the puppy made it back to its dying spot
On that cold, wet ground… she didn’t wait for the lady to come back
Soon, she heard voices coming close; she heard the woman’s voice
Then, she was standing there calling her name… ‘Camo, Camo’

The little puppy heard the sweet, kind voice that she loved
The voice of the woman who made her feel special, loved
She didn’t know the woman had cried many tears for her
Saw her a short time ago; called on her cell phone to ask for her
She didn’t know she was the woman’s puppy now

The woman spoke quietly to the puppy, then, reached down for her
Took her bleeding, wet body into her arms
Began walking with difficulty toward her home
She heard the woman cry softly, say… ‘Oh God, please give me the strength to get this puppy home
The woman had to put her down several times on the ground

She heard the woman say, ‘I’ll crawl with you, and get you home’
Her little body lay half on the ground, half in the woman’s arms
The woman saw maggots fall from the puppy’s body
Her heart squeezed in such pain… why, would people do this
To a little, precious, innocent person? Why?

Soon, days begin going by in a blur, the little puppy too sick to know
That she was going to live… prayers, good thoughts from her friends
Facebook Friends on her own special page… who fell in love with her
Prayers that heal, thoughts traveling to her filled with caring
The little puppy began to come alive once again… with hope to be loved, wanted

She watched through her little eyes that were so weak, sick
The woman who rescued her, do many things to make her feel better
Even to publicly ask for financial help to pay her medical bills
Something the woman could have never done before
But… for this little puppy … she did, put her pride aside

Camie... Day 23... July 26, 2013 001

As time went by, the little puppy’s eyes began to clear
She began to really look, to feel that yes, she was special
Someone wanted her, cared for her… even if she made a sound
Somebody would run to her, to see if she was okay
Now… she knew she was the woman’s puppy… she knew she was home



Come visit Camie’s Facebook page… follow her progress… see her little body heal. Watch as she morphs into a … no, not beautiful butterfly! But, to a beautiful, happy Puppy…. :)))

Camie is safe now. She has Skip and I, and our 2 Pups… we are her family now… and we will love, protect her always.

Come be one of her Facebook Friends… you don’t have give money to be her friend…. maybe just add your prayer along with many others… prayers heal, work… they create miracles. Watch what prayers, good thoughts and love, and medicine will do … follow Camie… see it with your own eyes. I post photos, updates every day.

Today… is going to be her ‘spa’ day…. come to see later… how her day at ‘Camie’s Spa’ went…. :))) This is where she gets the special treatment for her skin… where she gets pampered…. Below… is the link to follow her…. Precious Camo (Camie’s name was Camo, until her Angel in another country…. named her Camie.

16 thoughts on “She Knew She Was… Home

  1. Fantastic news about your puppy – but how wouldn’t feel good in your care .. and love. She are at a fantastic place … and as you said she are at home, she knows and that is why she recovers so well.

    • Wow… thank-you, Viveka. Guess what? Camie is out of her ‘fenced-in hospital area’… only for now, I’ll let her be in it at nights, and if we are gone. That’s until she can use the pet door… it would hurt her skin right now. For now… I just open the door for her to go into the Pups’ fenced-in yard. :))) I’m so happy this little puppy is home with us.

  2. Hi hun! πŸ™‚

    WordPress is still messed up, but where there’s a will there’s relatives! LoL!!!

    Paul was going to sort out my system, but he’s not answering his phone so I’m just praying he’s OK!!!

    Knowing my luck he’s lost the blessed thing!!! 😦

    my Playstation 3 is in the process of breaking down, so will need a new blue-ray player and the repair won’t be cheap.

    Still: I have an emergency reserve so I should be OK! πŸ™‚

    Good job I plan on problems like these!!! πŸ˜‰

    Love to you, Skip and the pups!!! πŸ™‚


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