Feel No Comfort… Whatsoever

e6b8d-camiesspa-day167-19-2013031Feel No Comfort … Whatsoever
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Hi, how are you doing? It’s nice to see you
No, it’s really not nice to see you
I’ve been very, very angry at you, I … hate you

I’ve been mad at you for sometime
Don’t you realize what you did to a little puppy?
Oh… I didn’t know that; oh, oh… oh

It’s strange how angry I was each time I saw you
But, when I talked to you, I realized I still liked you
I didn’t know that… Really? Oh, my…

I have to let go… it’s water under the bridge
It’s flowed to somewhere far away
I can forgive now… no, I won’t hate you anymore

I didn’t know all that… though, what happened is more than bad
Though, I still see where you were wrong… somehow
I understand… a little puppy suffered almost to death

Why don’t I hate you now… somehow, I don’t
I knew you loved her dearly… I won’t say anything else
Because it wasn’t you, you couldn’t be in two places at once

She’s healing now… I am focused on the present
I can’t look back, I won’t be mad at you any longer
It’s okay, you can speak to her now, I know she loved you

I can’t say anymore now… everything’s okay
The little puppy’s going to be alright, forgiveness came
A wrong… has been made right… at least peace of mind

A message to people who aren’t responsible pet owners
Find a loving home for your animals
Don’t put them through suffering, pain

You don’t need animals if you won’t care for them
They need to be loved, fed… watered
Give them to someone who’ll love them, if you can’t

People see you when you think they don’t
They know if you are good, or bad
When it comes to your pets, they know

Once they see you mistreat your animals
They never look at you the same
In fact, if they are like me … they hope you get the same treatment

You should get to feel the pain you wreak on a living soul
Burn, bleed, ooze clear fluid from your skin
Be trapped in a fence with no space, always too cold, hot

If I could… I’d help you know how it feels to suffer
Watch you as you got to know, realize what you’ve done
Listen to you whine, cry, scream… because you hurt

Yes, I believe in some instances… an eye for an eye
A tooth for a tooth… suffer, you bad person, you fool
Suffer for all the grief, pain you inflicted on innocent souls

Live in your little, cramped up space
Feel no comfort whatsoever, live in your hell
For hurting another living soul… until you realize

What you’ve done, cry from knowing how it feels
Be free now… because you’ll never want to cause hurt again
You’ll know how to treat a person, an animal… in pain


Note: I wrote this to release anger, pain, grief at what happened to Precious Camie. I’ve learned enough to know that I can ‘let go’ of the anger, hate I had in this situation… toward the one person I felt it toward. That water has traveled under the bridge… there’s still water ‘trapped in a pool’…….

Yes, I wrote this… I’ve watched, listened, smelled ‘firsthand’ of ‘what someone did’ to a little innocent living soul. I felt more emotions than my words can possibly say… these words don’t even touch what I’ve been feeling……… inside. Shame on you…

I tell you all the time that I’m not perfect…. I feel bad thoughts, feel anger toward things that aren’t right in this world that I thought as a young person… I ‘could save’. I found out that I couldn’t… but.. at this time… I’ve saved this one puppy with the help of many people who have fallen in love with her, cared for her, prayed for her, sent good thoughts to her… and donated money for her medical care.

This is a side of me that is my ‘Ugly Side of Gloria’.. a person who is passionate about people, animals being treated with dignity, respect, love…. if not love… then, kindness. Give when you can… care all the time. Just a positive thought, prayer can…. create miracles.

At this age, I have learned that… these things are the secrets to life…. we are always searching in life for its meaning… and always… we overlook these things until we ‘are old enough’… to know. Everything you give, be it love or material things… will always come back to you.

How well I know…. even with all the ‘bad’ in my life… I’ve seen such miracles, special things happen. Do you see ‘why’…. I always say …. ‘Everything is going to be alright’? Because no matter how bad… it will be.

The ‘Bad Side’ of me is… I feel terrible anger, even hate… frustration, grief, pain… the most awful feelings toward whomever, whatever…. that is responsible for causing pain, grief to all living things that don’t deserve such. I told you I’m not perfect…. this is ‘why’ I’m an imperfect ‘Granny Gee’. Love…. is the key to all things… good or bad. Yes… I know…. sometimes, things seem impossible; are impossible. I know that, too. I have no answer for that… I’m still learning life, too.

I hope you don’t hate my ‘bad side’, hate me… but… if you do… I’m not apologizing. I’ll hold my ground to death on this one. If I could… I’d put a magic spell on this big, old world… I would, you would… anyone would love others, animals……………….. whether they wanted to, or not. This is one of my passions in life. If no one likes it… you might not be a nice person.

9 thoughts on “Feel No Comfort… Whatsoever

  1. Hun I wouldn’t have you any other way! 🙂

    I suffered horribly as a child and carry the mental and physical scars of my father’s ‘love’ so I can never forget what he did and the hatred he feels for me now because I am a reminder of why his family, including his siblings, hate and despise him for what he has done.

    I am now free of his influence and my life is pleasant and happy – if a little boring!!! 🙂

    As a consequence of his actions I swore I would be the complete opposite and am loved for it!

    Pity I had to go through hell a second time because of people intent on making money at any cost, but that’s life I guess… 😦

    Love to you and yours always!


    • Prenin, you turned out to be a kind, good person after going through so much bad. It is sad what others inflict on another person… or animal. Sometimes … people need to suffer what they do to someone… to know exactly how it feels. :))) That’s my opinion… and we know ‘I’m sticking to it’! :)))

  2. Who in hell wouldn’t feel this same anger and hate towards others who would allow pain, sickness, danger, or harm, or death of another innocent being? You may want to describe it as the “Ugly” side…it is actually the venial Vengeance side that dares to be given a voice loud enough to get people’s attention to what is a reality happening, though they avert their eyes and attention to reality anytime it involves outing them for the monsters they are/were.
    It is important to be a real human, which you indeed are, Gloria. You have to courage to voice your feelings and convictions, unlike so many others who for whatever reason, choose not to act .
    It shouldn’t have to be a decision for anyone to make when something comes right down to being A) RIGHT or B) WRONG. Too bad that somehow there are some who think there is some kind of a freaking gray zone in between, thus opting not to act or speak up for the RIGHT THING TO DO.
    Thank you Gloria for being the real person, good, bad, ugly, or whatever..at least, even after all you’ve been through in your earthly existence, you still have the understanding of what it is to DO THE RIGHT THING.
    And for that, my friend, I am 100% positive that there is an extra special place in Heaven set aside just for the wonderful human you are here on earth.
    Peace and Big Hugs,

    • Oh my, CJ… Your words are so special, meaningful. I am honored you think that of me… especially after I told how I really felt inside. I was venting the ‘ugly side’… the part I really hate to feel… when someone or an animal is treated so badly. I really feel upset… and I can see that you do, too… CJ. CJ, I can sense you are that kind of person, too. You care in the way I care. You are a special person, also. Love, Gloria Thank-you for your words… I am so awed. I’m so glad you didn’t think I was a ‘for-real bad person’… you understood.

  3. Hello there!
    Just wanted to stop by and say I nominated you for the Super Sweet Blog Award!
    Also wrote something under your blog link to say thanks 🙂
    I hope you like it!
    – Thay

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