I Hate You! I Love You! Damn You!

I Hate You! I Love You! Damn You!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Damn that Sprint service! What does Extended Service and one bar mean? She became only angrier as she tried to call her husband. Damn that Sprint service!

Any time, but times like this… she loved Sprint. The area she lived in doesn’t have good coverage… she was fortunate to have what she did. So, she had a love/hate relationship with Sprint!

‘What did you say? Can you speak louder? Damn that phone service!’ I can’t hear you, now. It looks like my phone is saying ‘Extended Service, and has 2 bars by it’. Mmmmm-mmm, I’m not sure what it means! Damn it! There it goes again!

What? What did you say? The line was full of static… his voice was garbled… she reached her breaking point. She ran to the front door, slammed it open… threw open the storm door!

Out into the yard she went… threw herself down on the lush, green grass! Damn that Sprint phone, damn that sprint service… no matter how much I appreciate it! I’m so damn fortunate to have service in ‘this’ location, but… damn, damm, damn! I hate you, Sprint! I really love you, Sprint!

I’m going to kick your ass! She kicked the air hoping she was finding Sprint waves to kick. She lay there kicking, screaming… oh, this was a mad woman. She was ready to fight … she was a hornet ready to sting someone, make them yell!

This was the ‘straw that broke the camel’s back‘. She was mad enough to fight a bear! She lay on her back… an older lady who had turned into a little girl again… kicking both feet in the air, beating the air with both fists.

Damn you, Sprint! Arg-gggggggggg! She foamed at the mouth, her eyes blazed with anger. “I hate you! I hate you!” she screamed as she roll all around in the grass. She never felt the cactus needle that stuck her in the…. “I hate you!” Cars passed by, slowed down to watch the show…

The woman got up slowly, composed herself… looked like a gracious, older lady once again. No longer a ‘little girl’, the woman smiled at the cars that had stopped to gape. She nodded her head at them, she nodded to the right… nodded to the left…gave them a little smile… calmly walked into the house…. closed the door.

5 thoughts on “I Hate You! I Love You! Damn You!

  1. I don’t anything about Sprint – but I think we all have one of those … with too many grey areas. In UK they are very good I must say.
    Anyhow we have all been there … I hope she got her connection after that one man show, but there is nothing so frustrating as a bad mobile connection, maybe a bad internet connection.

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