I Will Put My Hand Down Its Throat… If Need Be

I Will Put My Hand Down Its Throat… If Need Be
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Years ago, I drove up in the drive-way to visit my mother. I saw her big, yellow dog underneath the Oak tree. He was laying on the ground, his paws were franctically pawing at his face.

I sat there several moments wondering ‘what in the world’! I realized something was wrong with him. Something ‘bad’ was wrong with him!

I hurried out the door of my car, bumped my head, said ‘Damn’! I didn’t stop to think about the pain… I hurried to Daryll, the big, yellow dog.

I saw foam around his mouth… I felt a sick feeling in my stomach. What’s wrong with him… how can I help him if I don’t know what’s wrong? I felt ‘pure panic’!

I couldn’t let him lay there, die right in front of my eyes. I was dressed in a beautiful dress, high heels… the thought went through my mind… ‘I am going to get dirty’!

I was on my knees beside Daryll before I knew it. I didn’t want him to bite me… but, I wasn’t going to ‘just let him die’!

I grabbed his face, and I opened his mouth. His paws had been pawing at his mouth… when I opened it… I saw ‘why’!

A chicken bone from a piece of grilled chicken (a thigh bone) had lodged itself in the roof of his mouth… he couldn’t get it out! He must have been trying for quite some time… he looked really bad… weak.

I quickly grabbed that bone, stuck my finger in the space between the bone, and the roof of his mouth. I was so thankful… the bone popped right out!

That was the day I learned not… to ever give bones to pets ever again! I’m horrified when I see people give dogs, cats …. bones from any kind of meat… unless it’s a ‘huge’ bone’.

Our Pups never get bones… the only bones they ever get are the rawhide chew bones… and their treats.

So, think about that when you go to feed chicken bones to your dogs. I see a lot of people ‘just throw their bones’ at dogs for them to eat. I cringe when I see that… but, it’s none of my business.

I will jump in to save it… if I have to. I will put my hand down its throat if need be to … save it.


14 thoughts on “I Will Put My Hand Down Its Throat… If Need Be

  1. I agree, nonetheless, my puppy of one year is a vacuum cleaner of the sidewalks! I try to watch him but I sometimes (at my age) too slow to catch him. Yesterday was such a time and I have the tooth mark on my hand to prove it. He picked up a piece of candy wrapper foil, he started choking and when I put my hand in his mouth he came down hard, scared I am certain or did not want to release the prize…we are both fine. I ten-fold your post, Mason has never know human food. Thank you for sharing your “wonderful” lesson and story. Ann

  2. Enven large bones can be dangerous.We used to buy large pork bones from a local bbq place,till one of our furbabies got a piece in her intestone and had to be hospitalized till she could pass it.Scary stuff!

  3. Frightening isn’t it? I had to rescue my old lab, Shadow, when he ingested a saran wrap swath. It was really long, and I guessed he’d found it in the trash…he had no way to catch his breath and I nearly panicked…did a heimlich and pulled fast and hard on this huge ball of plastic wrap and…he was FREE! wow..he’s my world, and for a minute…I nearly lost him. That wasn’t going to happen if I had anything to do about it. Now he’s elderly…maybe won’t even make it to September for his 12th b-day..I pray he will. He’s everything to me.

    • CJ, I ‘knew’ you would be this kind of person, too. You are a good person! I’m so sorry he isn’t going to make it to September… I know the grief of losing an elderly pet… we lost our 12 year old Rottie, named Fairchild… three months after we lost Tommy… it was just too much. I feel for you… I know how this feels. My prayers for Shadow is that he never suffers, and you are by his side when it’s time to go.

    • For a fleeting moment, I thought about him biting me… but, I didn’t think anymore. I had to save him. :))) He didn’t try to bite, though. I believe you are right in that his survival instinct kicked in, and he ‘knew’ what I was doing. See… months later in time… Daryll, the big yellow dog ‘saved me’…. Dogs are truly amazing. I’ll have to write that story a little later. :))) I enjoyed hearing from you! :))) Gloria/Granny Gee

  4. I had to do the same thing with a dog that had a stick caught between his teeth.

    He’d clawed his mouth bloody in his efforts to remove it, but I got it out! 🙂

    Love and hugs!


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