Fatigue And Liquor Out-Bested… Them

Fatigue And Liquor Out-Bested Them…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



I heard a sound at the back of the house.  I was visiting a friend, we were talking about fun things to do.  What in the world was that … noise?


I asked her if she heard it … she shook her head as if in disbelief. I knew she had to know what it was.  I asked her what was going on… oh my!  Did I hear a grunt?


I heard someone begin to cuss loudly… I jumped up, my stomach feeling sick.


“Hit me again, you son of a b____, just hit me again”!  I ran to see what was wrong.  I didn’t want anyone to be fighting.  I had grown up in the worse fights of them all.


I stopped as soon as I rounded the corner… my eyes widened.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  I began … grinning!  What in the world… this is ridiculous!  I don’t believe this, I thought.


The woman’s brother, and another man were squaring off to fight each other.  They were boxing, jabbing at each other… then, one would fall back, shake his head.  Then, he’d begin fighting harder to conquer the other.


This went on, and on… both men were drunk.  Both were cussing each other as they fought each other. They were doing serious damage to each other… I watched as they would grab their head where a blow could land.  Their heads would ‘rock’ on their shoulders.


Now… you would think I would step in to stop those two men fighting…. because it was an awful fight.  I can’t bear for people to fight… it hurts my heart, at the same time… it just pisses me off to see people being … stupid!  My reaction is one of wanting to fight to make people stop…..


I didn’t stop these two men… you won’t believe this… I just grinned as I watched the entertainment.  Me… someone who would try to be a peace-maker… standing there enjoying the fight!


“You son of a b____”!  The man began to cry… he cried out that he was hurt bad, now!  I began to laugh, I almost fell to the ground.  Yes, that’s right!  It was so funny!


“I’m real mad, now,” he yelled.  He began throwing wild punches to the other guy.  Soon, he was winded, had to stop.  Both men began saying they wouldn’t hit each other anymore, if the other would stop.


They finally agreed, walked off… never noticing me.  I couldn’t stop laughing… every punch the other threw at the other… never connected.  Yet… you would swear it did …because their heads would begin ‘rocking’ back and forwards… and sometimes, one would grab his head.


They beat each other up real good!  Not one punch ever connected with flesh.  I liked that kind of fight… I’d stand any day to watch that.  They whipped each other’s ass, without touching the other.  They could hardly walk, when they walked away.  Fatigue and liquor finally out-bested … them.  I bet you they both went off to sleep somewhere.

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