I Didn’t Know You Were Going To Die…

I Didn’t Know You Were Going To Die…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



I walked by a table, a family was laughing… talking

I heard my name, looked up to see an attractive face

Smiling at me, with twinkling… mischievous eyes


Kenan!  I called her name aloud with happiness

I was always glad to see Kenan… with her sweet smile

So very petite, pretty… ever-lasting beauty into ‘old’ age


We used to laugh, talk about getting ‘old’

I’d look at her, think ‘when I get your age’

I hope I could look so beautiful the way you do


I always cared about you, Kenan

I didn’t know you were sick

I pray that you never suffered, went to sleep


To wake up in Heaven to brighten

Their day with your glowing smile

Just as you always did mine… whenever I saw you


Rest in peace, my friend… Kenan

I’m feeling the pain of discovering you are gone

I would have spent more time talking to you


Laughing, being mischievous, having fun

As you and I did, when we saw each other

But… when I last saw you… I didn’t know you were going to die


Goodbye my friend, Kenan

I hope you see my son in Heaven

As he is already there…


You’ll see a smile as bright as yours

Maybe you’ll laugh, talk, see us ‘down here’

Knowing no matter what… our love can reach Heaven, too


I sit here, and my tears threaten to… overflow

Like water washing over a dam

My little smile like sunshine reflecting on the river


Sending rays of love, caring

That travels all the way to you

I’m so sad… I didn’t know you were going to die


8 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know You Were Going To Die…

  1. It hurts a lot when we realize how very short life is for us on this planet. Death rudely interrupts our plans and dreams and rarely allows us to know we should have said “good-bye” with real sincerity every time we left the company of a cherished loved one…that’s good that you have such wonderful memories, Gloria. You spent the time well with Kenan, obviously…peace

    • CJ, I… more than most… should know by now, that because I see someone today… doesn’t mean I’ll see them in the future. I’ve lost almost everyone I ever loved in my life… I don’t know ‘why’ I was so stunned. But… yes, I do remember her ‘now’… like seeing sunshine all around her… that’s how ‘bright’ she was as a person.

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