Maybe It’s The Hell I Saw Raised…

Maybe It’s The Hell I Saw Raised…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


My beautiful mother as a young woman… it was always said she was the most beautiful woman around.  She always looked like Elizabeth Taylor.  I always wanted to grow up to be as beautiful as her……………………….




We’ve been sitting here watching Medea movies… and I’m going to have to tell you… I have laughed so much.


Do you know my favorite parts?  It’s when someone tells Madea she can’t make them do something… or is awful to her.  I love it, when out of the blue… she ‘shows them a thing or two’!


For instance, she put her foster daughter on the school bus, told the kids on the bus that they‘d better leave her alone.  One defiant boy said, ‘what you going to do about it, old lady’?  She whipped up on his head in a split second.  She gave him what he needed.  I loved it!


I love to see a bully get some of their medicine back.  I believe in an eye for an eye… if you hurt somebody… then, you need to feel it back.  What do you think?  Would people ‘dish it out’…if they knew what they dished out… was most definitely coming back to them?


Maybe it’s the hell I saw raised as a child, when people were treated unfairly because they weren’t strong enough to fight for themselves.  Maybe it’s that I don’t like bullies, don’t like people who try to be the boss… because they know how to intimidate, they are stronger.


Whatever it is… I ‘pure love it’ when a bully ‘gets it’.  I love it when mean people who mistreat others… ‘get it’.   I can’t bear for people or animals to be mistreated, harmed.  It hurts my heart… I can’t stand to know they’ve been hurt, maimed… killed.


But… when a person is the one who does wrong to injure others… and they are caught up… where they get what they deserve… I feel happy inside.  Isn’t that awful?  I ‘pure love’ it.  I am wanting to put my ‘two cents’ in… I’d love to give them ‘what for’… also.  I want them to … hurt.  I want to see it… hear it.


How awful is that?  I learned this as a little girl as I watched the hell-raising… the fights.  Flesh pounding flesh, screams, thumps, bangs of someone’s head hitting furniture, the floor.  Bodies falling all over the place.  Sometimes, I would see teeth laying on the floor… bloody teeth.  I couldn’t breathe for the fear that coursed through my little body… especially…


Blood… oh my God, I would see blood running out of wounds… blood on the floor.  I wanted the weaker one to beat the person who did that to them… back.  Beat them good.  Sometimes, this little girl would run to help… what can a little child do?


I’d get slapped down… because sometimes, that was my mama who ‘was beaten down to the floor’ to lay in blood.  I wanted to … kill somebody for hurting my mama.  I hated them.


Getting back to the Medea movies… and seeing her just ‘jerk up somebody’ when they deserved it… you can see why I loved it.  Sometimes, we need people who can be ‘mean enough’ to protect others… who will act, ask questions later.  Who will ‘put the fear of God’ in someone who dares to hurt another person, animal.


Oh… this is another example of ‘acting’… when bad things happen in a home such as I lived in as a child… no one knew.  Why, even a child has to learn how to go ‘out in public’… pretend nothing’s wrong… all the while the other kids make their child’s life ‘pure hell’.


Some little girls never forget that. Some little girls just smiled sweetly when people would say…. ‘you have the nicest family’!  This little girl would say softly, ‘thank-you’.



18 thoughts on “Maybe It’s The Hell I Saw Raised…

  1. I know what you mean hun.

    I COULD tell you about family life with my dad, but I don’t even want to remember.

    Enough to say that he hates me for walking out on him and refusing to come back to be his household slave.

    His last letter to me was full of some seriously sick stuff.

    I showed it to my psychiatrist and he described it as being: ‘Full of sexualised, inappropriate language and death threats.

    Because he forced his lodger to have two abortions, she later came after me and begged me to be the father of her child so she could get me to pay for a non-existent abortion, he wrote “How does it feel knowing I killed your kids?”

    Truly he is one sick excuse for a human being. 😦

    I have spent my life being totally different to him, so I am now loved while almost the whole family hate him, only my brother forgiving him because his wife insisted when he became a born again Christian..

    He is a bully, a coward, a liar and a thief as well as a walking pus ball of hate.

    Love and hugs!


  2. Bulling is a such big problem today .. and it shouldn’t be accepted anywhere. Worst thing of bullying I think is when it happens inside a family.
    Media bullying that drives young people to suicide – people are being bullied on their workplaces of bosses and colleagues – and I don’t agree that bullies get their due in the end. Terrible and we can only stop it through stepping in when we notice it’s happening. We should never accept it.

  3. Hi hun! 🙂

    Just caught your comment! 🙂

    Yep I got the PS3, but lost the iPlayer option so I’ll have to wait for the next upgrade to get it back.

    The machine isn’t as good as my old one, but at least I’ll be able to play games again! 🙂

    My block is home to eight people, including me, and all my neighbours are likely to vanish at one point or another because we get a large proportion of recently released criminals who usually last a year at the most.

    I was lucky Chris was a quiet guy.

    What I could get next is what worries me… 😦

    Love and hugs!


  4. Hi Sweetheart! 🙂

    Just caught your comment! 🙂

    It won’t be fun losing a tooth, but I doubt if he’d refill it again – it has been done five times so far! 😦

    Love and squishy hugs! 🙂


  5. By Golly, I do believe your mother DID look similar to Liz Taylor…wow. As for Madea…she don’t put up wit’ no sh*t!!! Love those Tyler Perry movies.

    • :))) All through the years my mother and Elizabeth Taylor looked like sisters… it was uncanny. I wish we had more ‘Madeas’ in this world… I love how she takes the bull by the horns, and kicks ‘a…..’! More people would straighten up and do right. :)))

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