‘Kiddlehopper’… a childhood nightmare to me as a little girl… today… I just can’t take it!  Especially the ones that are… flesh-colored… look like little fat men staring up at me… I know they are ‘going to get me’!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee
I saw a ‘kiddiddlehopper’ yesterday… it took my breath away It saw me, jumped at me… I took its breath … away
I just can’t take a kiddiddlehopper, not at all I’m sorry it had to go… I was in a battle… I had.. to.. win
It shouldn’t have jumped … oh my God, that little fat belly! A nightmare from childhood.. jumping at me in present day!
Goodbye little kiddiddlehopper… I’m sorry… there’s only enough room For ‘one sheriff in this town’!
Now.. I grieve for you … did I do wrong? I killed a kiddiddlehopper… and I feel bad about it
I left it lying on the ground… I walked away With my battle-torn body; I’m sheriff of this town! :)))


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