Oh, It Felt So Good To Do That Again!

Oh, It Felt So Good To Do That Again!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Bird feeder, Flower Chair, and Striped green chair… painted by

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.


Today, I went outside on the porch.  The air felt wonderful, there was a nice breeze blowing.  The Pups were playing with each other, running from the other… another chasing them.  I smiled as I watched them run on the soft sand in the yard.


They kicked up dust when they ran fast, slid to a stop.  I was glad to have the sand in their yard.  We had gotten it originally for the swimming pool… that turned into a fiasco when the guy we hired to level the sand… didn’t.


The wind chimes were playing in the breeze… I loved the sound coming from them.  One of the wind chimes is one that my son, Tommy, got for me from the World Market.  I treasure it.  I have very few things he ever gave me.  We lost so much in the fire that took all our belongings back in December 2004… including many things my son gave to me.


I felt an excitement inside… could it be?  Is it possible that I might… I tested myself.  I got my paints, brushes, paper plates, paint cloth, water and begin setting them up on the patio table.  I am feeling right!  I want to paint!  It’s been so long since I’ve painted.


I could never paint for anyone again… I can’t take the pressure anymore.  I could paint for myself… and before I knew it… I had painted the chair, bird feeder.


For a time, I was in that magical, special world I truly love to visit.  Time went by… happy sounds all around me.  The Pups were playing… music by my wind chimes… the breeze blowing on my skin, in my hair.  The temperature was just right.


The next thing… I was gathering my paint supplies to take inside.  I came back, stood… admired my artwork.  Not too bad for the first time painting in many months… many months.  I couldn’t believe I could still paint.  :)))


I didn’t take time to practice before painting… I decided that nothing had to be ‘perfect’.  I just wanted to enjoy myself… no pressure.  If I made mistakes, that was okay… too.


Oh, it felt so good to do that again!



9 thoughts on “Oh, It Felt So Good To Do That Again!

    • :))) Thank-you, Prenin! I couldn’t believe I actually painted ‘something’… after so long. Normally, I have to play around, ‘practice’ before doing anything. I can ‘see my mistakes’!!! I have decided… ‘who cares’? Ha! :)))

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