Something Bad Could Have Happened… Sweet Chadwick Escaped

Something Bad Could Have Happened… Sweet Chadwick Escaped

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




He ran like the wind, he didn’t hear the voice calling him to please come back.  He ran toward the open field near by, stopped… turned to look back.


He saw her standing at the gate… he saw pain on her face.  He couldn’t stop… this was his chance!  He turned his back on her as he heard her cry again.  “Please come back, please come back”!


He ran toward the trees, down the bank… into the highway.  He could hear someone crying behind him.  Please come back, the woman cried.  He turned for a moment to look at her… no matter how much he loved her… the pull to run was too strong.


He ran down the side of the highway, into the front yard of their home.  He laid down on the grass, rolled… got up, ran to the highway.  He heard the woman cry out to him… he heard the sound of a car coming fast.  He didn’t know which way to go!


Just as he began to cross the road, he felt something push him back!  The woman saw him suddenly leave the road, saw his hair flattened out from the force of the wind.  The car never slowed down as it passed.


He soon forgot about the car… ran like the wind.  He ran all around, never leaving the sight of the woman.  Her shoulders fell, tears fell down her face.  She turned, went inside the gate…


She went into the house, opened the refrigerator, took a cooked hamburger patty out.  Outside, she went… she saw him.  She began talking to him, telling him she had something good for him.


He ran down the length of the fence, neared the gate.  He smelled the hamburger, followed it.  The gate opened just enough, he followed the hamburger until he was safely inside.


The woman looked at him… told him she shouldn’t even give him that hamburger for upsetting her like that.  She looked down into his face, smiled… looked up to the sky.  She thanked God that he was safe.


She looked around her, at the other two.  These three Pups, her husband… Skip, were her whole world.  She almost lost one of them, because she was careless at the gate to their fence.  She felt weak from relief, from being so grateful he was safely back inside.


Chadwick… Sweet Chadwick, the ‘Wick-Wick’, their yellow Pup had escaped for about ten minutes.  He ran like the wind, rolled in the grass, felt freedom for a short time.  He came back to his fence… he wanted to be home where he was loved, protected, cared for.  He wanted his family around him… he knew them.  He didn’t ‘know out here’.


Gloria leaned over, took his sweet face, kissed it.  The other two Pups, Camie and Kissy… ran to be kissed, too!  She kissed them all, hugged them, and thanked God they were safe.


Something bad could have happened… when Chadwick escaped.




5 thoughts on “Something Bad Could Have Happened… Sweet Chadwick Escaped

  1. When our dog Lady escaped we lived on a main road with heavy traffic.

    Mum screamed for me to catch her, but held onto me so I couldn’t do it! 😦

    I finally broke free and ran after Lady, caught her and led her back home safe and sound.

    The next morning she was battered by my dad for crapping in the kitchen.

    She was old and he hadn’t let her into the garden the night before.

    This went on for weeks until he finally took her to be put down and came back to give mum the bill so she had to pay for our beloved pet to be killed… 😦

    Love and hugs!


    • Prenin, I won’t even say what went through my mind… my heart was touched deeply. What a horrible life he caused for you, and your mother… and pet. The scars… I can sense the scars left on you.. and like all of us who have went through ‘bad’… no one can ever truly know all of them… nor see them. Only people who have been touched deeply by life in those ways… will know to look, listen, see. Love, Gloria

      • Thanks hun – love you too!!! 🙂

        I have too many scars and dad has sworn to kill me on sight for daring to talk out of turn… 😦

        Love and hugs!


  2. Hi hun! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and comment!!! 🙂

    Yeah I’m back up and feeling good! 🙂

    I get depressed sometimes, but it’s life I guess! 🙂

    I try and eat a stable diet of 1,800 calories or under.

    Breakfast is Cheerios and semiskimmed milk, dinner is usually whatever fresh food I bought, so sometimes I go over budget on the calories, but once it’s used up I eat a calorie counted Weight Watcher’s meal which means I’m soon hungry again and then nothing until sandwiches and another calorie counted meal before bed.

    After a week I go to the Co-Op and buy fresh lettuce mix and garlic dressing, enough for four meals, and any low fat foods on offer.

    This way I lose slowly and that means I’m less likely to put it back on.

    I put on 6.6Lbs the last time I broke by diet, but I’m back down to 105Kg (231Lbs) and losing nicely! 🙂

    I agree about emotional distress making you put on weight – when depressed I go for comfort foods which is not a good idea! 😦

    I can tell when I’m overweight because my joints hurt after heavy exercise and I’ve learned to use a trolley instead of a bag so I don’t add to the weight I’m already carrying! 🙂

    Love to you, Skip and the pups – you’re special to me and always will be! 🙂


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