I Was Kidnapped… And I Was The One Who Had The Gun!

I Was Kidnapped… But, I Was The One Who Had The Gun!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



I was sitting at the dining table… I heard a knock at the front door. I knew it wasn’t anyone I would know… because I have no family, and only several friends who would come to see me.

Besides… anyone who came to see me, would come to the back door. You know it’s a friend when they know where to come.

I sat there a moment, decided I would answer the door. First, I reached for the gun I kept laying close by me, whenever I was alone. I got up, walked to the door.

I opened it, and there were two men standing on the other side of the storm door. One held some magazines in his hands. “We’d like to show you these magazines”, he said.

I spoke through the glass door, told him I wasn’t interested. The second man said, “Well, maybe you’ll be interested in this”! He held a gun up, pointed it straight at me. “Open that door, be quick about it”!

Dumb-ass me… I opened the door… and let them kidnap me… take me away! Where the gun went, I don’t know!

As I walked, I saw a big truck parked. I saw my son, Tommy… laying part-way on the top step, and on the tire (which is impossible, so… I thought!).

“Tommy, are you alright? Tommy, why are you laying like that?” I wanted to go to him, make him get up. I couldn’t go… I was kidnapped! “Please be alright, Tommy, please be alright”!

Oh, my God! My thoughts turned to the dining table, and the dishes that were set out for supper. I’ve lost one of the little forks! Where did that little fork go?

I became aware that my pillow was ‘rock-hard’… and shifted positions in the bed. I was awake now… I was still remembering my dream. I could still see Tommy laying there. I felt a deep sadness in my heart. I dreamed of Tommy… and it wasn’t a good dream at all.

Skip woke up, and asked me if I was okay. I told him… “I was kidnapped… and I was the one who had the gun”! I heard him laugh, as I fell back asleep!



4 thoughts on “I Was Kidnapped… And I Was The One Who Had The Gun!

  1. Crazy dreams do make you wonder where they come from don’t they? I must say, your picture popping up on my Facebook feed with the link to this post had me chuckling as I HAD TO click to see what-in-the-world you had come up with this time!!!! LOL …..HUGS! Debbie

  2. Wow, you really had me going there. Isn’t it odd the way objects come and go in dreams, now I have it, now you have it. Your dream has such big worries in it. Scary stuff.

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