Just Another Day In … Hell

It Was Just Another Day In… Hell

It Was Just Another Day In Hell
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Photo of a little girl… Gloria Faye Brown Bates

The old woman sat there in her old rocking chair
Staring off into space, thinking about everything… nothing
While listening to the sounds around her

The sounds of hell were beyond her eyesight
Soon… to be in the arena before her
Sure enough, the sounds appeared… owners behind them

I’m going to whip your ass, knock your teeth down your throat
You’ll know who to mess with after this!
Two young women begin to fight, slugging like men

They were on their feet for a time, each as strong as the other
Until one made a mistake, the other knocked her to the floor
Jumped on her… to knock her teeth ‘down her throat’

She slammed her fist into the fallen woman‘s mouth
The fallen woman screamed an ungodly scream
The pain made me come up from the floor, her mouth pouring blood

Anger made her jump on the other, tear her ass up
Beat her to the floor, began choking her until the death
Until… a blind man began feeling for her fingers, took them off the other’s neck

Come on, come on… you love each other, please don’t fight
He spoke gently while he pulled the sisters apart
All of a sudden, his ass was knocked to the floor

The fight wasn’t over, he couldn’t see what happened
The old woman sitting in her chair began to scream, cry
Stop it, stop it… you are killing each other, someone’s going to die!

The two young women never heard her; nor did they see the little girl
Watching them, crying.. her little fist stuck in her mouth
Mama!  Mama! Don’t hurt my mama!  I’m going to hit you!

The little girl couldn’t bear it any longer, she ran to the fight
Her mother was on the bottom, she struck the one on top
Her little fist pummeled the woman in the head

She was slung backwards, fell against the wall, stunned
She watched as her mother was beaten, slapped, hit time after time
Her mama was finally released… she got up off the floor

Both young women were bloody, scratched up from the blows
Upon each other as they fought to the death in the arena
Before… their paralyzed mother sitting in the rocker; the blind step-father who was still on the floor

No one saw the little girl, until she sobbed, cried ‘Mama’!
The mother walked to her, pain in her battered body
Pulled the little girl to her, held her tight

All the hell had went away for a while… all was calm again
The little girl closed her eyes, held tightly to her mama
Knowing she was going to be alright… it was just another day in… Hell

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