I’m Telling You… It’s Too Much Trouble!

Excuse me, while I smile… because this isn’t a lot of … trouble!

Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



I’m Telling You… It’s Too Much Trouble!

Submitted by grannygee on December 02nd, 2013
Category: Funny

Too Much Trouble! I Am Telling You, It Is Just Too Much … Trouble!!!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Wow! What a beautiful Christmas tree! Where in the world did you get it? Oh…. you bought it at one of the big box stores! Well, it sure is pretty… a lot easier to maintain… than a real tree. Why, you’d have to keep watering it throughout the holidays… Too much trouble, I’m telling you!


Mmm… what did you do! You sure look nice… there’s something different about you! No, you didn’t! Come on, you know you didn’t… did you?! A breast implant, oh my! Mmmmmm-mmm, that looks better than being ‘real’…. my, how big… they are! Mmmmm-mm, how much did you say they cost? Oh… you used to have to stuff cotton in your bras? Okay… I see. It was … too much trouble… to keep doing that!


Hey, what’s different about your face? Come a little closer, let me see. Oh… you don’t have to do anything now. Isn’t that interesting? Well, in a way, they look very nice… but… I would miss the actual hair… shaping the hair. Tattooed eyebrows… well, you don’t have to worry about losing your eyebrows if you had chemotherapy… what did you say? It was … too much trouble having to pencil in your eyebrows every morning….. yes, I understand. You didn’t enjoy that, it was… too much trouble!


What’s that in that chair… is that a… person? Hi, my name is Gloria. How do you do? I think you’re being impolite not to speak back to me. Hey, John… your friend won’t speak back to me. I’ve been very nice to her! She has beautiful wavy hair… I’d like to know how she keeps it like that. Oh, what pretty eyes she has… all sultry, sexy… Those lips, why they sure are red! Shapely, too. I wonder why… she keeps looking like her mouth is in a permanent ‘O’? Is there something wrong with her? Oh… okay. She’s your lady…. she’s always there… she doesn’t argue with you. She only moves when… you … want her to. Oh, oh, oh…. now, I see! Oh my! She’s a … what? No! Not a … blow-up doll! Oh, my! What did you say? Yes, I can see your reasoning…. yes, a real woman is just… too much trouble!


I don’t care… it doesn’t matter as long as ‘it looks real’… I’ll take it. Anytime, I don’t have to exert myself… give me the one that’s… not too much trouble!


Note: As for myself +Gloria Faye Brown Bates …. just give me the real thing… I don’t mind it being… too much trouble! I like real food, real things… and real… people!!! :)))


10 thoughts on “I’m Telling You… It’s Too Much Trouble!

  1. LOL – Fun way to start the day! I could have gotten depressed and all grumpy finding the dishwasher leaking in the kitchen and it is raining outside making it a rainy day as well as a Monday! (Remember the Carpenter’s song?) but then being gloomy is to much trouble … 😉

    Keep on writing my friend!

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