You Can’t See Him … I Can

You Can’t See Him … I Can

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


NOTE:  (This is just wishful thinking … I wish to see my Son… I’m

remembering …. Tommy)…
























I can’t see you … for looking at him

You can’t see him … for looking at me

He stands between us … all you see is air

When tears fill my eyes, and I smile… it’s not for you


They are for him … as I look up to his face

My tall, gentle-giant … my son

You hear me speak to him… not to you

Hello, my precious Son… how I’ve missed you


You stand there … wondering why I call you … Son

Thinking, oh… what’s wrong with you

Have you lost your mind .. I’m not your Son

Nobody’s … there


I don’t hear you … if I do, I may lose the vision

In front of me … I’ve waited so long for him to appear

That I don’t care if you think I’ve lost my mind

I focus on savoring the moment … of seeing my Son


I reach up to touch his cheek … I see his sunshine smile

You move back … you aren’t sure of what is happening to me

Especially … when you see me smile the most beautiful smile

At someone … you know is not … you


You know it’s real … by my eyes, my actions

You can’t pretend … like that

You try so hard to see … what I see

No matter what … you can’t … but, you know something’s there


You stand there in amazement as you watch, feel

Your heart is touched … it’s like a hand squeezes it

Gently in your chest … your eyes fill with tears

Could it be … could it really be Tommy?


I’m not aware of you as I speak to my Son

I smile, gesture … laugh … I cry

I touch his shoulder as I speak, I touch his cheek

I hug his neck … when the time comes to say … goodbye


I stand… sob … you can’t see why

You can’t see my son as he walks away from me

Only to disappear again from my life … I can’t go after him

I cry my heart out … I don’t know you are there


My Son… Tommy … you’ve left on another journey

On a journey I can’t go on … it’s not time for mine

I stand there watching through shimmering, diamond teardrops

As you walk away … until you are … there, no more


Goodbye Tommy … please come back

Please come to me again … I don’t care where I’m at

Just give me a moment to see you again

My eyes, my ears … will only see, hear you


I stood, watched the tall, gentle-giant walk away from me

He always had the best posture for a man

My tears made him turn into a shimmering, wavy figure

That disappeared … in front of my eyes


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