The Happy Smile She Would Wear … When Needed

The Happy Smile She Would Wear … When Needed

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Tommy and Taban … my only son, my only grandson…


She took the mask off her sad face

Alone in her home, sitting in front of the mirror

Now, the smile lay on her dressing table … instead of her face


She took the gold hoops out of her ears… six, in all

Unclasped the golden chain that held a special nugget

A big, gold nugget her son wore until the moment … he died


She wore the gold nugget as a young girl in high school

Melted it down as a young woman to wear around her neck

Gave it to her only child when he was a young man


He wore it proudly, knowing it was his mother’s class ring

Melted down by the jeweler to be worn on a gold chain

It was taken from his neck shortly after he went to Heaven


His mother treasures her gold nugget as she never did before

She touches it time to time… trying to feel her son

Trying to somehow, feel his last moments


Try as did… she never could… she couldn’t feel anything

She would catch herself patting it gently… as if to comfort


To comfort herself… somehow, comfort her son when he died

Isn’t it strange how we do things when we lose the ones we love?


One day this mother’s gold nugget will be given to her grandson

When she’s gone, for him to remember his father; father’s mother


Maybe one day when he is a young man just like his father was

His Granny Gee will put the gold chain with the nugget on his neck


On his neck to wear with pride, to wear with such love

To know that his Granny Gee, his father wore it through time


His Granny Gee got it in 1968, gave it to his father in the late 80’s

He wore it until the evening of May 29, 2010 when he went away


Went away forever… on that evening by the sea

On the warm sand, where his body was lowered by the angels


Lowered gently by their hands, their wings beating softly

All the while the sea gulls sung, ‘Come home, Tommy, come home’


Tommy traveled that day to Myrtle Beach to play with his little son

By the ocean … he barely made it in time… soon, he left once again


On an unexpected journey no one knew about, not even him

He didn’t have time to say goodbye… he looked out to the sea


Heard the waves washing ashore, the sea gulls sing

The rustle of the angels’ wings… felt the breeze on his face


He must have heard his little son say ‘come play with me, daddy’

Maybe tears filled his eyes, he couldn’t say anything


He may have stayed just long enough for the group of people

The people who came to his side, who protected his little son


Protected him, until his mama came… they must have been angels

They were the only ones there at that time, that place


One picked up the cellphone Tommy dropped, rang the last number

The last number dialed… to a home two hundred miles away


Hello!  They heard a happy voice say, when she answered the phone

‘Ma’am, I have a man collapsed on the sand, he’s not breathing’…


They never knew at that moment… she died, too

For this was how she learned of the death of her only child, her son


She sat at her dressing table, her lips in a sad smile

Her eyes looked in the mirror at her reflection


Tears filled her eyes, she wanted to cry

No matter how happy she was …. she was sad


No matter how sad she was … it didn’t change anything

To this day… she still couldn’t believe that her son is really … gone


She closed her eyes as she sat there … traveled to the ocean in her mind

Her head rested on the back of the chair as she fell asleep, listening to the song of the seagulls as they … sang


She awoke to a soft whiteness around her… where was she?

Someone came toward her… his smile like the sunshine


His hair shone like gold… his eyes were blue as the sky

Tommy!  Tommy!  She cried


As he hugged her, told her he loved her… she felt a bump

On her knee … she opened her eyes to see three Pups


One standing by her knee, one laying on her foot

The other had just jumped up to kiss her on her face


She smiled her sad smile as she looked at the happy smile

Laying on her dressing table… the one she would wear when needed


The happy smile, the happy smile

She would wear… the one she would wear when needed



16 thoughts on “The Happy Smile She Would Wear … When Needed

  1. Gloria!!! I don’t think I remember reading before that Tommy came to you in a dream!!! He loved you so much. I feel your pain every time. And I think of you. I see his face and he seems so familiar through your words and pictures. Thank you for sharing your love for him.

      • Oh. I’m sorry Gloria. I know it’s not the same at all, but when my father died, I wished to see him in a dream. And others would tell me about the loved ones they lost, coming to them in dreams. And how happy it felt. It made me sad because dad didn’t. It wasn’t until years after he left, that he did indeed come for a visit in my dreams. I think I was being kind of bossy and demanding that he did!!! WHen I stopped expecting it he showed up. Only a couple of times. But I woke up smiling. And peaceful.

        That’s why I got so excited thinking he had.

      • I am smiling… thank-you for caring so much, Colleen!

        I keep wishing, imagining… trying to ‘see, feel’… him walking toward me smiling like he used to……

        Thank you for being one of my 5 biggest Commenters for the year 2013! I’m honored! :)))))) Love, Gloria

  2. Wishing you a breath of Peace…
    even if just for a moment…
    no words can convey the thoughts as I read…
    Know you are a very brave and strong energy …
    Take Care….You Matter….
    Blessed Be

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