1-13-2014 I Am At The Library….

Hello everyone,


I am at the library this morning to let everyone know that ‘supposedly’ my internet… will be back on this evening.  I’m not the only one being affected by all this… This will be 3rd time (I’m sure)… at 3:00 pm this evening… the internet won’t come on as promised.  Sprint tells me that each time one ticket is closed out, another work ticket opens… the tower is still down.  


Even if I do have internet…. it will be intermittent (I’ll settle for that at this time! :))) for the next four months.  I won’t mind as long as I have some… internet.  I came to the library armed with alcohol, paper towels, and hand antiseptic, and gloves.  I have to try to be careful as possible so, that I don’t get sick… I don’t want to go into the hospital.


I am going to ‘go with the flow’, take one day at a time.  As soon as my internet is up again at home… I am going to take necessary steps to get ‘Camie’s Angel’ published, and do the other things I have set as goals in my life.  This internet problem has delayed all I was excited to be doing.  That’s alright… I will accomplish what I set out to do.


I wanted to let everyone know what is happening at this date.  I will write when I can on my tablet… it’s affected just as our cellphones, and computer are at home in our area.  I will probably come to library off and on, also.  


Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee   (I have missed so much my writing, communication with everyone…)


10 thoughts on “1-13-2014 I Am At The Library….

  1. No worries Gloria! 🙂

    I’m over the flu and I haven’t coughed anything up since this morning, so I’m hoping I just have the five day quarantine period to get through and then I’ll be back to my bad old self! 😉

    Hope they get your internet fixed: I had problems years ago and had to talk to my ISP in very small words because the person on the phone had no idea what he was talking about.

    Needless to say he was in Mumbai… 😦

    Love and squishy hugs! 🙂


    • Prenin, I’m online tonight! I’m so happy! :)))) I’m so glad you’re over the flu. I know you’ve been very sick. Skip and I, and the Pups … are watching tv… well, Skip and I… are! :))) Love, Gloria

  2. Hi Gloria! 🙂

    I was up early to and managed to doze until the flat warmed up! 🙂

    Yeah I know what you mean! 🙂

    Comfort foods come in many guises! 😛

    Yes, the friends situation is dire: Every time my tormentors come back at me it’s via people I should be able to trust.

    They should have realised by now that they are barking up the wrong tree as there’s no way I’d harm anyone, let alone a child, and I have decades of good experiences to prove I’m a good guy, as well as being CRB checked (I passed the Advanced check with a pristine criminal record) so I am cleared to work with the elderly, disabled, vulnerable adults and children, yet they keep on trying! 😦

    So far every person they have used to get to me is either a convicted criminal, or involved in petty crime and had yet to get caught, so they have to comply or be exposed.

    Others are doing it to suck up to the local gangsters who have it in for me because dad tried to prostitute me to them when I was small.

    They have a disgusting record from the 60’s and have been trying to make a living off the family reputation, but aren’t managing it.

    Every day I continue to survive this persecution is proof of their waning power and they are facing more and more challenges to their ‘ownership’ of Middleton as their own private fiefdom, so my continued survival is an affront to their ownership.

    It’s a dirty game, but one which will eventually cost them dear…

    The weather here is a mix of grey skies, wind and showers that come and go.

    There’s some snow in Scotland and we’ve seen plenty of rain, but it stays above freezing most days.

    Lots of places were flooded over the past few weeks and roads were made impassable, so some places are only accessible by boat.

    The news also reported a number of deaths which is really upsetting.

    Will we see more of this kind of excess rain?

    Quite probably apparently…

    Oh well: Time to finish the email and go see who has posted on Face book.

    I’m looking forward to some dinner later, probably a beef burger with Nacho cheese!!! 😛

    Love and hugs!


    • Prenin, come be my friend on Facebook, too. I’m at http://facebook.com/grannygee I’d be honored if you wanted to.

      Hey! I saw snowflakes this morning, here! It didn’t last long… but, I really got to see some.. :)))

      Skip was driving in snow last night for a short time. :)))

      I’m so sorry about all the tragedy the rain, floods have caused. I’m always hearing of it… my heart feels pain…..

      Happy day, Prenin! I got to post my story this morning on my blogs!!!!!! I’m so happy. It doesn’t mean my internet is okay… but, I’ll take it every chance it’ll let me write my stories, put them online. :))))) Love, Gloria

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