This Granny Gee Is An Old… Baby Girl, Too

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This Granny Gee Is An Old… Baby Girl, Too (Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee… 2013)

Submitted by grannygee on January 23rd, 2014….


This Granny Gee Is An Old… Baby Girl, Too By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Yes… I know. I just wrote a short story about… Baby Girl. It was my way to write about something special… the people are real, and it’s true… there’s another ‘Baby Girl’ in town. The story was fiction. The ‘people’ are Skip and I….


I’m an old Baby Girl… I’ve been Baby Girl for 31 years. Skip has called me that for many years. It’s a special name…. he also, calls me ‘Monst… Monster’. :))) I’m not a …monster, though …I could be.


One of our most favorite shows on television is… Criminal Minds. We ‘pure love’ that show… love every character on it. It’s amazing what the writer of that show comes up with… brilliant!


I missed my calling many years ago. I never wrote such things I’ve thought up for stories… because it would horrify my readers… they might think I am crazy… or wouldn’t believe such… would come from ‘me’. Guess what? ‘Such things’…. might come from me … yet.


When I mention to Skip about writing ‘my scariest story’ ever… he always says, “what will your readers think of ‘Granny Gee’… writing stories like that”? He doesn’t want anyone to ‘think less of me’….


I tell him that ‘Granny Gee’ is a for-real good person… my readers know that. They also, know I’m ‘not perfect’… just because I go by ‘Granny Gee’… doesn’t mean I am some little ‘perfect granny’ who’d never do this, or do that… because it’s not proper. You know… like slurp coffee from a saucer! Ha! I don’t slurp… but, that’s an example (oh, I don’t drink it out of a saucer either… and I don’t knock it… if you do! :)))


A lot of you know that I am ‘Granny Gee’ … in name only. I never see my grandchildren… it’s wrong I know… but… I have ‘let go’ for my own sanity. One mother has to keep covering up what she’s done… when you tell one lie… many more follow through time to hide a bad decision/decisions. That’s how the ‘other mother’ doesn’t find out what she really did.


Enough of that… I’ve come to find out that she used me to tell her lies… so, the other mother wouldn’t know what happened to a lot of money my son’s other grandchild should get. I’m afraid that grandchild will never see that money.


You all know… it’s the ‘same old story’… when a person gets a lot of money when they’ve never had such in their life… they ‘go crazy’. So many people have done it through history. It’s sad, but… true.


The saddest is in this particular situation… is that I’ve been told by someone close to one of the mothers… that she has used my name in it… to make it appear I have the other grandchild’s money.


The good thing is that there are records of ‘where the money went’… not only that… ‘who’ all that money went to. I don’t worry about it… my grandchildren will be smart enough to ‘follow a paper trail’… they are ‘like their father, grandmother’… they’ll recognize the truth… when they actually are old enough to see it… to hear it… to read it.


The saddest is that she ‘forever broke a grandmother’s bond with not one grandchild, but… two grandchildren’. My son, Tommy, was the only child I ever had… I have no more close family. This mother took that away from me.


All the years I prayed for grandchildren, never thinking I would really have them… (I always wondered ‘could something so special happen to ‘me’? Could I get to be a grandmother… a real grandmother?) …she took it all away from me to hide the ‘bad’ things she did.


Who would have ever known? Who would have ever known my son would die? Who would have ever known it would leave such money to someone to have fun on, buy friends with… men who didn’t treat a child right… my son’s child?


Who would have ever known such greed, lies that had to be covered up… would forever sever the bonds between a grandmother, grandchildren? Who would have known …. during the precious childhood years… a grandmother would never know how it felt to be a … real grandmother? Something that meant the very world to her… moreso, after her own child died… they were the only link to her own child… a part of herself. It’s unforgiveable….


Sex, money, drugs… good times. I wonder if it was ‘worth’ what was done? Some people, I guess it would be… they/she had some good times, and bought some good friends for a while.
Now… I should hate her guts, right? No, I don’t hate her at all. That’s not to say that when I became aware of what she did… I didn’t hate her for a time… until I came to terms with it. The unforgiveable… became forgivable.


Truthfully… no matter what she did… she’s a for-real good person… for some time… she wasn’t the person anyone knew. Money changes people… makes them do bad things. If people love you ‘afterwards’… those are the people who loved you… for-real, ‘before’. I still… love her.


I was in grief for the loss of my child… so, it took quite some time to find out all she did… said. There are several people whom both are unaware of… who know both mothers… who let me know ‘things’.


I just wrote this… no one needs to comment on it. In fact, I won’t answer any comments on this ever again. I’m documenting so, when I’m gone… my grandchildren will find my words. So… when you comment… it will need to be on something else. :)))
This is one of the reasons I write… to document ‘me’… Granny Gee. My son’s not here to let my grandchildren know about me… they will read one day to know their Granny Gee.


When I write about this… it’s for my grandchildren to read when they are older. I have no one else to tell them that their Granny Gee loved them all through time… wanted to know them… wanted with her very heart to be ‘Granny Gee’ to them. Not only that… their Granny Gee never did anything to hurt them… never.


My son named me ‘Granny Gee’… that’s ‘why’ I go by Granny Gee. I am still myself… a good person… but, I can be a ‘mean girl’, too. I am high-tempered; I always work to have patience, to control my temper… my tongue. It’s mighty hard work… especially when I came from Hell as a little girl… it’s in me. I do pretty good, though. :)))


Oh… it’s a wonder I don’t spit fire, brimstone. Hell rages inside me all the time… just like a furnace that burns hot, fierce. Anger fuels that Hell… anger at the ‘bad’ things in the world… the unfair things in the world. The dishonesty, deceit, the harm people do to others and to animals.


I’m full of… Hell. If I was more than human… I would ‘straighten the world out’. As a young person, I thought I could ‘save the world’…. it can’t be done. Sad, but… true. One thing, though… one can make a little difference in their immediate life around them during their life… while they live.


So, don’t think because I’m Granny Gee… that I’m not a real person. I am as real as they come. Like me… or not. Hell, and… all.


I will hold my ground in a minute… I don’t take a lot of mess. I’ll … smile quietly… as long as I can…


I am the nicest person in the world. I am the best friend because I’m very private… I don’t go around betraying my ‘very few’ friends… I am loyal. I’m dependable… I’m fair. I’m bad when I … have to be. I try to be only ‘bad enough’… according to a situation.


It’s taken many hard lessons, terrible paths … experiences in my life to be a really good person. I could have been just as bad… as I am …good. I’m happy because I love ‘good’ in life. I believe in good things… no matter how bad life has been.


If you like me… you like me. If you don’t… you don’t. Life goes on… you can go on. I don’t waste my time trying to buy you, or beg you… to be my friend. I’m ‘upfront’… you know where I stand. I’m probably the most honest person you’ll ever meet. If I can’t be… I’ll leave quietly…. if you aren’t… then, you… go along your way… I don’t want to waste my time with you. You’ll never be my friend…


People don’t like me because I ‘see the real them’. Most of the time, I smile sweetly… and yes, I pretend… I pretend that I ‘don’t see them’. That’s when people don’t like me anymore… rather, when … dishonest people who ‘have something up their sleeve’… don’t like me anymore. I dislike when people deceive others to get something from them… I dislike unfairness… I dislike when people pretend to be something they never was.


I give if I don’t have. If I have a lot… I give a lot. I give when something good happens to me… I ‘pass on good things’, and tell someone to do the same when something good… happens to them. I ‘pure love’ to give. I ‘pure love’… to make others happy, to make a dream come true.


I even give when I don’t have something to give. I give when no asks me… and I ‘see’ it’s needed. I don’t give when someone … tries to take advantage of me.


I would dearly love to be a millionaire in secret… because I’m the kind of person who listens, sees what others dont’ see, hear. I see what goes on in the background, where it wouldn’t interest others. I would make good things happen…


I’m my own most … best friend. I like me… even when I have to ‘fuss myself out’… I am always trying to understand ‘why’ if I do something I’m not happy with.


When I die… I will go quietly out of the world… as quietly as I’ve lived… and as private. I don’t want anyone to come to see me in death… you don’t come to watch me sleep… death is more… private. I’m most… private. Don’t come to look at me in death… Skip knows my wishes… no viewing.


I have always had an overactive imagination…. and from the time I was a little girl… I have dreamed many things. I wish I had known to write as a child. Where I come from… no one taught a child… anything. What I learned as a little girl… was something that would follow me my entire life… pain, grief… loss of.


It’s ‘damn’ sad… when children are so bright, so intelligent….. and no one sees it, if they did… they didn’t care. They wanted to have fun…. if you are a young mother, father reading this… begin asking yourself this… am I ‘putting fun in front of my precious child’?


You see… the fun will be gone quickly… your child will miss out on so much you could have taught it… during that time.


Yeah, yeah… I know. We are all young at one time… we all do our thing to ‘find ourselves’. We do it all at the expense of little, innocent children. They suffer while we are ‘seeking’…. I’m no exception. We know so much when we are young… only to grow older learning… ‘we didn’t know a damn thing’.


That causes a child to miss out on learning about the wonderful things in life at an early age. Today, many children get every opportunity in the world to learn… I’m sometimes… envious. Today… young children are appreciated… and I love listening to a small child. They are so smart… and as an adult, I want to listen.


I’m fascinated, amazed at the knowledge at such an early age. I remember ‘knowing so much’ at an early age… but, was told, ‘children are meant to be seen… not heard’.


I grieve over all I could have learned at an early age… if only exposed to it. I call it ‘wasting valuable time’… when parents aren’t taught anything… they have nothing to pass on to their children.


I’m glad I finished school, went to community college (when I wished to go to a … big college). I have had many experiences in life that anyone who knows me… doesn’t know. ‘Why’ would I tell them? Because… I never share with anyone a lot of things in my life… many things will ‘go to my grave’ with me.


It’s …my way. I’m very private. I don’t even feel the need to ‘brag’ about the ‘great’ things in my life… I’m so used to keeping things to myself. Remember how you always ‘brag’ about this or that happening? I forget … and when someone reminds me… I smile, say ‘oh, yes’!


When I’m sick… I ‘forget’ how sick I am… I ‘forget’ I have this wrong, that wrong with me. I don’t dwell on things long… too many things to think about. Maybe that’s ‘why’… I’m still here. I can’t say that about when my son died… I was in a darkness I couldn’t escape. I only saw, felt… death.


Colors make me happy. Good things happening to people, animals make me very, very happy… touch my heart. I love to watch ‘people walk into the sunset happily ever after’. I love ‘fairy tale’ endings… ‘they lived happily ever after’. I love happy things… exciting, fun things. I love to smile… I smile when I cry. I smile when I’m dying on the inside… I wonder ‘why’? I smile even when I’m angry…


What you’ve just read is about this Granny Gee… who is a real … old Baby Girl, too. :))) Just saying……………..

7 thoughts on “This Granny Gee Is An Old… Baby Girl, Too

  1. Sorry you hurt so much hun – I really wish I could help! 😦

    My dad stole my grandmother’s legacy to the family so he could bribe my brother Keith’s sons and buy somebody to think well of him.

    Right now they’re the only part of the whole extended family that still talks to him.

    As you see you are not alone! 🙂

    Love and huge hugs Gloria! 🙂


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