Her Spirit Soared Away To Look Down… From Above

Her Spirit Soared Away To Look Down … From Above

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny …. 2013


Her hair fanned about her face, so pretty it was


The wind blew strands up from the ground


The ground, she laid upon


The sunshine made her pretty face… glow


She had pink lips, eyes of blue


Her eyebrows were black as her hair


She stared off into space, she saw something I couldn’t see


It must not have been bad… she had a half-smile on her face


What happened to her was bad… though, she smiled


She had been hit, thrown to the ground by the force


Her spirit floated away into the air


It looked down at the woman who stood there in shock


The woman shed tears for an unknown stranger


As her heart felt such intense grief


A waste of life… lying here, before her


Someone had hit this girl, kept on driving


Never stopping to help, or to see


What they had done… a coward they was


She stood there, crying for all bad things like this in the world


As she took out her cellphone, dialed for help


She looked down to the girl… knew she’d gone away


All the help in the world couldn’t help her now


She wasn’t in this world anymore, her life was gone


Though… her spirit had soared away to look down… from above


As she waited, she felt a warm air caress her face like a gentle kiss


She felt what felt like arms wrap around, hug her


She thought she heard a whisper in her ear, “Thank-you… everything’s going to be alright”


She looked at the girl’s face again… she thought she saw a smile


Blinking her eyes, looking again to find it still there


She felt her own lips smile… and a sense of peace in her heart


Grief, pain of any kind can be devastating


Bring us to our knees… make it almost impossible to recover from


Somehow, though… I know… everything will eventually be alright, again


6 thoughts on “Her Spirit Soared Away To Look Down… From Above

  1. Hi Gloria!!! 🙂

    Thanks for popping by!!! 🙂

    We have another storm heading our way tonight – it’s been nearly two months of storms and England is getting its butt kicked!!!

    Hopefully the power will stay on!!! 🙂

    Love and squishy hugs my friend and I hope your internet stays on!!! 🙂


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