Please Don’t Say A Word…

Please Don’t Say A Word

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Son, one day when I have to go, be here no more

I don’t want you to have to feel pain… grieve for me

Everything’s going to be alright


I want you to be prepared … just in case

It’s the way life is… parents go before the child

I want to tell you how to remember me, Son


Each night you see the moon, stars… I want you to know

That I’m up there, shining down on you with love

Know that I’m close by, always loving you… I told my son


See me in the happy colors you encounter in life

In a field of flowers… beautiful colored fabrics, paints

When the sunshine warms you… feel my love


When a soft breeze ruffles your blonde-strawberry, wavy hair

It’s me … ruffling it just as I did when you were a little boy

Close your eyes, feel your mama hug you, Son


I always thought I’d go first… that’s the way it’s supposed to be

Parents aren’t supposed to outlive their children

Feel the grief of losing a child, a life they brought into the world


I have been through many close calls, being very ill

I wanted my son to always know if I should go away

To be prepared for it… hoping he wouldn’t have to feel pain


That everything would be alright… it’s the way life can be

To have a special way of remembering his mama

To know, have a way to feel his mother’s love


Like pennies dropped from heaven… rice in unexpected places

Letting one know it’s the special way for a loved one

To reach out from the other side to say… I love you


The strange thing is that I prepared my son

We didn’t prepare … me … for the day he went away

The day he went away… forever


Children aren’t supposed to die before their parents

My only child… my son died before me, his mother

Left me here to grieve for him… it wasn’t supposed to be that way


How did he say to remember him if he should go away first?

I keep asking myself that question, only to remember

Remember that we never discussed that… I knew I’d go first


I sit here with my memories, photos of my son

Photos of his children… all have gone away

As if… they never existed … sometimes, life can be that way


At this moment I grieve for him, but… I can’t cry

My tears have all cried out… until there are no more

So, all I can do… is sit here… smile my sad, bittersweet smile


Let the pain flow from my heart into my fingertips

Spill out words like the stormy ocean during a storm

Swirling around… waves crashing until… calming down


It happened again… I promised to share

Tell  you about grief when it happened

Now… everything is alright once again … please don’t say a word


Grief, pain is what I know best… this is what I write

Don’t feel sorry for me… I’m very strong

It’s been a long journey… I didn’t know I would… but, I survived





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