The Room Hated Me… It Didn’t Want Me In It! It May Have Been Another Portal… To Hell!

The Room Hated Me… Didn’t Want Me In It!

It May Have Been Another Portal… To Hell!


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



I was going room to room.  Oh, what a wonderful house!  I already loved the yard.  There were already beautiful flowers that would cost a ‘pretty penny’ to buy, plant… growing in beautiful flower gardens.


There was a circular driveway…. outside buildings.  The house had lots of wonderful windows.  I was hoping it had a lot of electrical outlets.  The house proved to have everything we all wanted… it was the perfect house!


Tommy and his girlfriend, Skip and I were looking at a huge house we were interesting in renting… sharing expenses.  I was like a little girl, running to this room… that room.  I loved the house!


The kitchen was huge…. it had lots of counter space.  Not only that, it had a bar to sit at on stools.  It was perfect.


There were five bedrooms… I could have one for my art room.  Skip would have one for his study/office.  We’d each have a huge bedroom… wonderful!  Not only that… each had their own bathrooms… nice, big bathrooms.


I knew deep inside … ‘this was the house’.  This was the house I wanted to live in.  I went ahead of everyone to explore, find more special things about the house.


I came to a door way… I stepped through it into a hallway, turned to the left… walked a short distance.  I began to feel differently… it seemed darker, here.  I didn’t pay it any mind… I loved this house!


I saw a room to my left… I walked to the open doorway… I stood there, looking.  Oh, it was a wonderful, old-timey room!  I loved such rooms in old houses.  Someone had built the house onto this part of an old house!  Special!


Across the room stood an old rock fireplace.  It had an old wooden mantelpiece.  The room was almost bare.  It still had its old wooden floor.  What a neat room!  I was excited about it… I stepped inside to look around.


Instantly… I felt fear.  I was very afraid in this part of the house alone.  Immediately, I stepped back out into the hallway… the feeling went away almost at once.


I stood there, thinking.  I knew I didn’t have to be afraid.  Tommy, Terri, his girlfriend… Skip were close by.  I could hear them talking, laughing.  I told myself it was my imagination.


I decided I would enter the room once again.  I walked back into the room, meaning to walk across to the old fireplace.  I wanted to touch the old rocks, let my hand feel the coolness.  I wanted to touch the old wooden mantelpiece, even knowing it was dusty.


I never made it that far.  I couldn’t go forward.  I was scared to death… the fear was so over-powering.  I put my hand to my heart… I was feeling breathless.  I felt cold chills on my arms…. my mind was telling me to get out of there.


I ‘knew’ at that moment …there wasn’t any way I could ever live in this house.  Never!  Ever!  I felt fear for my life!


As soon as I stepped quickly out of the room… I felt fine.  It was like it had never happened.  I could hear Tommy, Terri, Skip coming…. I would watch their reaction… and walk into the room with them… it would be alright, then.


I didn’t say anything to them… I wanted to see if they felt fear like I did.  I was going to walk right into that room again… I wasn’t alone, now!  It was probably my imagination.


I let them walk in front of me, listening to them comment on the ‘old part’ of this house.  They loved it just as I did!  I followed them into the room, knowing everything would be alright…


I didn’t make it far… I had to step back outside.  I was fine once I got outside the doorway.  I watched everyone as they laughed, talked while looking around.  I never did make it to that beautiful old fireplace…. I couldn’t.  They got to touch it, enjoy looking at it.


Skip turned around to share it with me… saw I was outside the room.  He knew something was wrong.  He asked me why didn’t I come inside… I told him I couldn’t.


Tommy and his girlfriend turned to look at me… I told them the room made me afraid.  I didn’t know what I was afraid of.


They asked me to come back in the room… I didn’t want to.  I forced myself to step through the doorway… I had to turn around, get out of there!


I told them that I couldn’t live there… when alone there, I would be afraid of this room!  I saw disappointment cross their faces.  I couldn’t help it… the room terrified me.


I was scared of …. what… I didn’t know.  The room hated me… didn’t want me in it!  It may have been another… portal to Hell.



Note by this author:


We used to pass by that house… I’d look up on the hill where it stood.  How beautiful it was, until I looked toward the older part it was built onto.  I felt fear.


I learned that the house was torn down… I still don’t know the reason… why.  I sure would like to know.  It may have been another portal to… Hell.

4 thoughts on “The Room Hated Me… It Didn’t Want Me In It! It May Have Been Another Portal… To Hell!

  1. Hi Granny, Wow it is a special spirit in certain people that we can pick up this feeling, Again your story touches a thing I have experienced in my lifetime and moving from place to place. Not that we did it much 4 places in my youth and young adulthood.However I had just the opposite of yours. Yours was frightening and knew was not right, where I just happened upon before we even moved in!! We rented a pretty whole apts, upstairs, downstairs big cellar with laundry area and an attic with 2 finished rooms. It required a lot of cleaning,painting but we were getting it cheap and my step dad made sure we never went without, with him alive ( God Bless that Man). so after painting the 2nd floor we cleaned up and I was in charge of all lights being off…OK all check get in car and I look upstairs and light goes on in Papa’s room and light to attic…They were all off I OK I will see what happens…We lived there 7 years and I believe it was a spirit that either passed away in the home or did not cross over..You know my medical problems, so as a teenager I had some bad nights and would be in pain..I would here her walk down the attic stairs and come in my room and spray my favorite perfume, just to calm me.I was never afraid I knew she wanted to have some respect and love. I named her Sadie, yes her who else is going to spray my perfumes, open and close my drawers. By the time we left there everyone had a few experiences with Sadie, several people and my Mom the biggest sceptic was the one whom she knew she had to prove herself too and she did!! More than once, but yet again never harmful. I google that house in Ct and it is still there all remodeled and the upstairs porch still there, along with our landscaping LOL and my Mom’s roses too!! Gave me a feeling of missing her, just did that a few weeks ago. But I also know evil exist and I have come across 2 living people who gave me the chills and I had to leave a party or someone home as I felt it wasn’t right..So there are ghost out there and I wanted to call the Warren’s from Monroe CT they are well known ghost people but my Mom was the one who said…NO leave her alone she does not harm us, and she was right…but there are enough people that know Sadie existed.

    • I wish I knew ‘what had happened in the past’… to cause such fear in me. I instantly loved that room, looking in it from outside of it… standing in the hall. It was when I would enter the room… I couldn’t bear to stay in it… the fear would overwhelm me…

      I’ve also, felt strange things about people… and have gotten away from being near them.

      It’s so nice to hear from you, Margaret! :))))) Gloria

  2. So you’re a sensitive like me Gloria! 🙂

    It takes a special kind of person to ‘know’ a place or person for what they are.

    I know people immediately as well as places that have a ‘History’ and it is a useful tool! 🙂

    Love and ghostly hugs! 😉


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