Red-eyed Hellion!

Red-eyed Hellion!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee   :)))


I lose my temper… something I don’t like to admit. But, like I said… I’m not perfect. I know you aren’t either. You will probably… well, I’m sure you’ll say you have lost your temper, also.

It’s not a good quality to be quick to anger. I got it honestly. I grew up in an enviroment where it was perfectly normal… to raise hell. I grew up in Hell… ‘I know all the ropes’…

All through the years, I’ve tried to harness in my temper. I’ve done pretty good in controlling it… though, ever so often… I lose it.

I have a firey temper… and when I lose it… I don’t get over it easily. I’m mad for a time… it takes time for me to cool down. Most of the time, I don’t raise my voice… I’m very quiet… almost ‘too’ quiet.

When I begin grinning, smiling sweetly… that’s not a good thing. I don’t like to be … ‘that’ mad. I learned that from my mother… family as a child. When they began smiling, grinning… I knew instinctively that ‘it was time to get out of Dodge‘. :)))

Most of the time, when I get mad… Skip will say some just completely ‘off the wall’ thing… I will begin laughing, forgetting I was ever mad.

Skip says he’s never seen another person in his life get mad like I do. He describes it like this… “your eyes turn completely red like fire… I’ve never seen anyone do that in my life”!

I’ve seen only one person’s eyes do that, myself. When I lived with my Grandma Alma in Hell… when she got mad… oh, my!

Her eyes turned completely red… and I thought she was possessed by a demon. When she wasn’t mad… I would think it was my imagination!

I would think it is the reflection of the ‘hell’ in me. No matter how good I am, try to be. I was born with hell in me… I was raised to ‘raise hell’. You wouldn’t believe it if you knew me… I live a very quiet life. :))) But… I know how!

I don’t find it fun to get angry… I don’t feel good afterwards. I avoid it at all costs… but, once in a while … it will happen.

It’s a wonder I’m not a complete ‘Hell-raiser’; just the meanest person in the world. A real bad-ass… I’m completely the opposite… but, I’m not nice if I get mad.

Honestly… I bet you aren’t either. Sometimes, we have to stand up… hold our ground… and sometimes… we get mad!

When I do get angry, Skip will stop what he’s doing… look at me, laugh, say… “you red-eyed hellion”!

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12 thoughts on “Red-eyed Hellion!

    • Oh my, Prenin… mmm-mmm…. :)))) I used to do that when younger! Of course, ‘now’…. ‘I wouldn’t do that’! Goodness, I just began ‘coughing’ … nonstop! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

      • No, I was joking. I’m honestly not a Pinocchio! :))))))))))) I was being silly! I don’t like to get revenge at all… though… I do believe in people getting their medicine back when they deliberately set out to hurt others! I just sit back… know, and watch it backfire on them.

  1. I have had a terrible ordeal since my son’s car accident in many ways but the worst thing was getting angry with one family member. I lost my temper and now I am paying the price bigtime – I have learned a big lesson in self-control!

  2. Oh I so agree with jmgoyder. I am an extremely placid person but lost the plot with a family member and am also paying the price severely, haven’t seen my grandson in over a year. Maybe you way is better, if you get angry a lot people know it. If it is rare it seems ten times worse…. red-eyed hellion…love it.

    • :))) I get very quiet when I’m that angry… don’t have to say a word…. it’s like everyone knows it… leaves me alone. I smile at them… too. We all have our ways, ha! I can understand what said… I’m so sorry… that’s time wasted out of both your life, the grandson’s life. I go through not seeing mine…

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