CAMIE’S ANGEL … My 3rd Published Book

CAMIE’S ANGEL    … My 3rd Published Book

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

(I am an unknown author… that’s okay… I know who I am.  Gloria Faye Brown Bates)

The photo above is Camie in her ‘Cozy House’ I made for her.  She was very sick with demodectic mange… my new book is about her… and her angel… the angels who followed behind her.


I want to share my happy news with all of my friends here, that I’ve met on Bubblews!


My book is ready to be sold, today.  I’m not trying to sell it here… I just want to share something that has made me so happy today!  :)))


It’s already an e-book on Amazon Kindle.  Below… tells about my book…


When it’s ready to be sold on, here is the link on my Amazon Author’s Page:


The e-book version went live on Amazon Kindle on Febrary 24, 2014, already.  :))))


I will post more about my book, later.  You can see the real Camie Pup on her own Facebook at:


Come be her friend… I update daily on her Facebook page.  :)))  Also, put photos on of her, her brother Kissy Fairchild, and Sweet Chadwick Elsworth.


Below is what I received this morning in an email… after resubmitting my work this week to get things right.  Finally!  Now, I can relax.  :)))  I’m so happy about this book… it’s my 3rd published book.


(I am an unknown author… not famous… I’m known only to myself and the ones who know me.  I’m just proud to have 3 books in print… to be here one day for my grandchildren ‘to find’ me.  No one else will be here to tell them about me, or … their father… Tommy).



Review Proof



Congratulations! You have completed the proofing step and your book is ready to be sold.


When will my title appear on the Sales Channels I’ve selected?

Books take 5-7 business days to be listed on Listings are built in stages; some parts of your title’s details may be available before the page is complete.


CreateSpace eStore

Your title is already available:

Give your thumbnail image up to five days to display.


Expanded Distribution Channel

If you’ve chosen the Expanded Distribution Channel for your book, it may take 6-8 weeks for your title to begin populating to the distribution outlets you’ve selected.





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