Crystal Fish In Teardrop Ocean…

Crystal Fish In Teardrop Ocean…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/Granny Gee



Photo of Tommy and Taban exactly one year before Tommy died… May 29, 2009 at a lake… On May 29, 2010… Tommy and Taban were at Myrtle Beach… where he died on the sand, by the ocean………………….



I can’t see where I hurt, I can’t see my pain

I can point to where it feels like it hurts

I can’t touch it with my hand, only feel with my heart


I can cry tears of grief… where do the tears come from

How do they know to fall when I cry?

How is it possible to have all the tears I have cried


Since the loss of my son… I’ve cried an ocean of tears

If I named my ocean of tears, what would I name it?

I would name it… Teardrop Ocean


What would be the directions to find it

You would follow the path of tears down my cheeks

Down to the floor of water… around my feet


I stand in the Teardrop Ocean, listening to the sea gulls

Like the sea gulls that Tommy heard as he died

I listen to the waves of my tears, just as he heard them


Just as he heard them as his soul soared into the air

I can see it in my mind as his spirit flew with the angels

Who gently laid him on the sand when he took his last breath


Today is Tommy’s son’s birthday… he is seven years old

He was three years old when his daddy died while playing with him

At the ocean for the first, last time… his daddy left him on the beach


Daddy, won’t you get up and play with me, he cried

His little hands pulling at his daddy to help him get up

Come on, daddy… come run, play, laugh with me


Today is Tommy’s son’s birthday… Tommy hurried to the hospital

The day he was born… driving his tractor into the hospital parking lot

He was very tired from lack of sleep, but… he made it just in time


One can see the pride and love in Tommy’s eyes in the photos

That survived the house fire that claimed all our belongings

Thankfully, most of the photos are now… my memories


Some are charred, blackened, water-damaged by the fire, hoses

That’s okay… all I have of my son, grandchildren now

Are these photos that came through the flames of the fire


Sometimes, when I write … you can know where I am

You can picture the waves of teardrops washing up around my feet

As I stand here, listening to the sea gulls… at Teardrop Ocean


I see crystal fish jumping from the waves

Diving deep into the sea… crystal fish of memories

Crystal fish in … Teardrop Ocean


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