Let’s Do This Thing…

Let’s Do This Thing

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I smile when I cry for you

Smile to let you know it’s alright

You don’t have to feel bad


Don’t have to feel bad that you hurt me

We have to do what we have to do

I want to live… I don’t have time to waste


Give me that injection, no… don’t you cry

Because it hurts me, I have to bear it

Bear it because… I have no choice


Tears roll down your cheeks touching my heart

Because you care that you hurt me

Tears roll down my cheeks because I care that you… hurt


So, I smile so, you can see I’m going to be alright

No matter the pain… it’s not your fault

Doing a blood gas is going to hurt no matter what


Don’t you cry now… what did you say?

You cry because … I’m so brave?

Oh no… I’m not so brave… I just know I have to do this


Do this if I want to live… I can’t waste any time

So, come on … let’s do this thing

We’ll cry, hurt together… let’s do this thing



Note by Author:


I was thinking back to the time the lady who was giving me a blood gas when I was getting ready for surgery… my heart hurt for her.  This was a few years ago… I am fine, now.  :))))) Gloria

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