My Bag Of Memories….

My Bag Of Memories…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Tommy at one year old… this photo survived a house-fire.  I’m fortunate to have any photos… please forgive the damage to it.  My precious son…….



I look into my bag of memories I took with me

When I delved deep into my mind

Old memories, not new ones of today


I take the first memory out of my bag

Lay it on the table… it looks like a tablet

I press the button on the side to make it play


I see a young mother who has just given labor

To a little 8 lb. 4 1/2 oz baby boy

She cradled him in her arms, looked down at him


Looked down in amazement at what she’d brought into the world

She was  a mother now, she had a child

Her very own son she could call her own


Her body shook as she held her baby tight

She had a cold, and coughed a lot

She turned her head each time she coughed


The night before her baby boy was born, there was an earthquake

She was in such pain, she didn’t know the difference

Though she imagined her bed moved around


The earthquake announced the coming birth of her baby

There was a full moon that night, also

The next morning her child was born at 11:28


The young mother was myself, I had my only child

A little strawberry, blonde-headed boy

Named Tommy… he had beautiful blue eyes


pressed the button to turn this memory off

I put it back into the bag, chose another one

Pressed the button on the side to turn it on


A little blonde-headed boy was standing in the sunshine

With a baffled expression on his face, holding his hand on his head

What was that, I heard his sweet little boy voice say


I saw purple on his head… I began to laugh until I sat on the ground

A bird had flown over Tommy… it deposited something on his head

Oooooh!  Oh-oooo mama, get it off… get it off, he said


I pressed the button on the side to turn it off

Put the tablet back into the bag, chose another memory

Pressed the button to turn it on


A young girl sat in the middle of the floor

She couldn’t see for her tears, she was doing something with her hands

She was cutting photos up with a pair of scissors


I pressed the button on the side, I couldn’t bear to watch

This was a painful memory… I don’t want to remember

Let it go… let it go… I put it in the bag, chose another


A little blonde-headed boy stood smiling at me

I love you, mama… with my heart

I love you, son… with my heart I told him


Seems like the sun was shining all around him

His smile had a way of making it seem that way

I find myself smiling now… thinking of that


I press the button on the side to turn it off

I put the tablet memory into the bag

I don’t want to remember anymore right now


I close my eyes, imagine walking down the hall in my mind

The hall with rooms, closed doors to store my memories

I open one… put my bag of memories on the shelf for another day


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