Please Help Camie With Her Medical Care… She Is Sick Again

April 12, 2014… Saturday Precious Camo/Camie Update

Camie Went To The Vet Today….. Saturday … April 12, 2014


Precious Camo… Camie is sick again… please help us with her medical care.  You can either click on the widget on my blog:   or, donate directly to her vet, Dr. David Fontenot in Louisburg, NC by calling:  919-496-2638.


She has Demodectic mange that won’t get well without expensive medical care… also, skin infection. You can go to her Facebook page to keep up with her as I update daily (or at night).


When she goes to the vet, I post her invoices so, everyone can see where their money goes. Her Facebook page is:


Thank you for helping us last year when I rescued Camie from the cold, wet ground where she lay dying.  I hoped she would stay well… likely she’ll always have to battle this.


Thank-you from my heart.  Camie, and our Kissy, and Chadwick are mine, and Skip’s whole world. Tommy’s gone, they are all I have left.  Please help me get Camie well.


Below is the invoice for April 12, 2014, Saturday…. and her medicines.  I posted these on her Facebook, also








Today, I took Camie back to her vet, Dr. Fontenot. She is sick again… and needs ongoing medical care that we can’t afford.


Today… she was put back on antibiotics… given an Ivermectin injection. She will have to take these injections for some time. She can’t make it without medical care from the vet.


For the past two weeks, her hair has begun falling out… and sore places are appearing all over her body. Her skin stays red from the infection in her body, demodectic mange.


Camie is loved so very much by my husband and I…. and our other two dogs. She is part of our whole world. We wish that we were able to cover all the expense. We would never ask for anything for ourselves… but, we will to help our dogs. They are all we have in this world.


Please help us … help Camie. Please donate directly to her vet, Dr. Fontenot… or to this fund.


To donate directly to Camie’s medical care… to her vet, you can call or mail donations. This is the information:


Dr. David Fontenot

115 N. Church Street

Louisburg, NC 27549




Or… you can donate to this fund… it’ll all go to the same place. Thank you very much for caring, and donating. Below, you can read where I asked you for help to save Camie, when I rescued her on July 4, 2013.


I had hoped she could always be well… sadly, she’ll always have this. I stopped the donation campaign for several months to see how she did. Now, I have to begin it again. Today’s visit cost $184.00. Thankfully, there was still enough on her vet account to pay for this visit…. and leave $26.00.




I would like to thank each, and every person in advance for helping Camie. It means our world.


You can come be friends with Camie on her Facebook page at: I update it every day… and when she goes to the vet… I post photos of her invoices so, everyone can see where their hard-earned money goes… and how she is.


I post photos of her, and our other two Pups, Kissy Fairchild, and Sweet Chadwick. They love her very, very much.


Her Facebook page is where you can keep up with her, also. Thank you from my heart for your help. Gloria


I will be posting photos of how she looked last year.  I don’t want her to get like that ever again.  She suffered so much.  So, all through time… here on my blog… I will put photos of her on here… before, after.


She is beginning to lose her hair … a lot of it from her tail, feet during the last two medicinal baths.  Thank you again for helping me.


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7 thoughts on “Please Help Camie With Her Medical Care… She Is Sick Again

  1. Hi Gloria! 🙂

    Yes, I had a couple friends mention crazy dreams over the past few days! 🙂

    Seems life in dreamland is hotting up!!! 🙂

    The money will lift me out of the danger zone, so I’ll have a good margin again, but I’ll still be saving like crazy because my benefits need to be reapplied for in June just in case I should suddenly recover my wits and save the government enough to pay for one of their lunches.

    Needless to say my condition hasn’t changed, but I have to fill in a bloody form to prove it!!!

    God help the Tories in the next election!!! 😦

    Love and hugs to you, Skip and the pups!!! 🙂


    • I am so glad, Prenin. You needed your money…and the more you save… you don’t have to worry, be afraid. I can understand so well. Skip and I go through our hard times… so, I honestly know how much it means. Love, Gloria

      • Yes hun you do! 😦

        We get so much stick for being ill, the government turning on everyone they can to force them off benefits and into the tender mercies of Atos and the Jobcentres where you can lose benefits for six months at a time if they decide you are not trying hard enough to find a job! 😦

        Doug is an alcoholic and a danger to others, has been stripped of his benefits nine times and barred from visiting Jobcentres in the area for three months.

        He is becoming increasingly unstable and is talking about getting a gun and shooting the staff at the Jobcentre to get even because they won’t let him con them with his acting and behaviour.

        Just lately he has gone silent and I’m afraid to check on him in case I get stabbed.

        I saved his life once and he hates me for it… 😦

        God help us all… 😦

        Love and hugs!


      • Prenin, that’s so scary. I’d stay away also… you never know what he’ll do. Scary. Wow… that’s scary about how they do ones who are sick. I just hope all is good for you. Love, Gloria


  3. just a suggestion but have you considered getting a few of your blogger/writer friends to contribute and creating an anthology the profits from which could go towards Camie’s treatment and if eventually the funds are not needed there maybe helping other furbabies in need.

    • No, I haven’t thought of that. That is a wonderful idea. I don’t know that I would do that. I do love the idea of being able to help other furbabies with extra funds. That would be wonderful to have the extra money to do that. I appreciate your suggestion, Paula. :)))))

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