I Can Let Go Now, Son… Though I May Cry, Weep

I Can Let Go NowSon… Though I May Cry, Weep

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

My precious son, only child… Tommy.  My only precious grandson, Taban.  I miss you with my Heart. Love Your Mother, Gloria

I thought I saw your smile, twinkling eyes

Peeping out from Heaven at me

Your hand gently brushed the clouds from your face

I closed my eyes, opened them to see if you were still there

You were still there… I tilted my head to the side

Began smiling, tears of joy flowed down my cheeks

I knew you were there, somewhere

I just just had to keep watching, hoping you would reveal yourself

Finally… you did; there you are!

Hello, Mama… I love you

Hello, Son… I love you, too;  how I’ve missed you with my Heart

I wish you could come back, Son

I looked closer to see my son’s face… oh, how beautiful his face was

I saw… felt the joy in his eyes

I’d never seen such happiness in his eyes, as I saw… now

I decided I didn’t wish him to come back

The joy I saw in his face would be gone

Son, it’s time for me to … let you go

I love you with my very Heart

I may still cry, weep because you aren’t here

It’s only because I loved you so

Because… you meant the world to me

You were my only child, my precious son

I’m okay, now… no matter how much I cry

Everything’s going to be alright… no matter how bad

My Heart feels lighter… though, it feels heavy at times

I miss you very much… but, I’m glad you are in Heaven

Just please gently brush the clouds to the side

Peep out at me, so… I can see the joy in your face

Ever so often… it means the world to me

I looked again to say goodbye… saw your precious face

Framed by white clouds, blue sky… sun creating a halo around you

I know you’re a star in Heaven… shining both day, night

I will recognize you when I look up at the sky at night

The brightest star that twinkles at me

Sending down love to me in a ray of light

Ray of light that is my precious son’s love

Smile, as I am comforted by knowing he is in Heaven

I can let go now, Son… though, I may cry, weep

I would want the joy I see in your face to always be

I love you with my very Heart, son… I miss you

I can let go now, Son… though, I may cry, weep


Note by this author… Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

My son died May 29, 2010… soon, it’ll be the 4th year he has been gone.  He was only 40 years old… he died unexpectedly while running, playing at the ocean… with his little three year old son.

No one knew he was sick… he had 2 blockages in his heart.  He looked so healthy.  I hope that all guys Tommy’s age will get checked.  Especially, if you don’t eat right… drive a big truck.

Four years…  next month will be four long years…  I know I can be alright now… though, I may cry… weep.

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6 thoughts on “I Can Let Go Now, Son… Though I May Cry, Weep

  1. Beautiful sentiments, Gloria. I feel the anguish dissipating in your words compared to past entries, replaced by acceptance and even celebration of the time you had with your son. I sometimes wonder if grief is so overwhelming that you can’t feel the presence of your loved one around you until you “let go” a little. I’m glad you were able to feel your son around you. I believe he’s been there all along and is happy to know that you now know – he never really left you.

  2. Getting to know you as I have this past year, I know your heart is heavy but it is also so big and has so much love. It must be because you have all of Tommy’s love that he wanted to share, but did not get the time or chance to. So knowing how to feel grief and learn to let the love they had teach us to love even more! Thanks for entering my life and being my friend, I cherish it every day!

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