I Don’t Need To Go On Jerry Springer Show… I Told Skip My Secret That I Kept For Years…

I Don’t Need To Go On Jerry Springer Show… I Told Skip My Secret That I Kept For Years…

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Slices of soft bread lined the countertop where I was making sandwiches.  I went to the refrigerator to get the deli meats to put on each.  I didn’t forget the cheese…

I had on my mind a confession I wanted to make to Skip.  One about love…  In fact, once I told him, I would back it up with photos, so… he could understand.  You know how life is… we do things… sometimes.

I wanted him to know what I have… unknowingly… to him… been doing.  I’ve been committing this… act… over and over… he never knew it.

You know how it is… one thing leads to another…. and before you know… a lot of time has passed… and …. you are still doing it.  I was still doing it… with passion, love.  Now… it’s time to tell Skip…

I was wondering if I should contact Jerry Springer Show… make a big deal out of it… like everyone else does?  Would you help me make a decision?

When I tell you… you’ll understand what’s been on my mind.  I know I should have probably felt guilty all these years doing what I have done…  I know I should, but… I have to say… I’m not.

Don’t look at me that way, please.  You’ll understand in just a moment what I’ve been doing secretly for years.  You might decide… you could do it… get away with it, like I have.

I look at the bread slices lined up on the countertop… I’m about to do it again.  I always feel good when I do what I’m about to do… it has to do with the… secret.  Actually… IT is the secret.

I go back to the refrigerator… I reached for the squeeze bottle of… mustard.  NOW… it’s almost time to do what I love to do, have done unknowing to Skip… all these years.

I just called Skip … to come see.  I decided I don’t need to go on Jerry Springer Show… I told Skip he’d understand when I showed him photos of what I’ve been doing all this time.  I told him, I needed to make a confession to him… I can’t live with not telling him anymore.

I showed him two photos.  He stood looking at them, as I told him what I have kept secret for so long.  He just stood there….

I saw a light come in his eyes… watched as his lips began… to smile.  You know what he said to me?  “I love you, Monst”.

I will tell you now, what I’ve been doing.  I’ve been using the squeeze mustard bottle to ….

To draw inside of each of Skip’s sandwiches.  I draw, I write … in mustard…. I write the words, “I Love You”.

You can see the hearts I drew inside his bread slices.  He knows now, that for all these years, whenever I make him a sandwich… it’s been full of… love.

I don’t need to go on Jerry Springer Show, now.  I told Skip my secret… that I kept from him for years.


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