The Day Our Thoughts Will Be Stolen From Us…


The Day Our Thoughts Will Be Stolen From Us…
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee
Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

I thought I saw a big shadow on the grass outside the storm door.  What in the world?

I look outside, I don’t see anything.  I open the door for a moment, listen.  I hear a small sound … maybe an insect.  I stood there for a moment… thinking that something just ‘didn’t feel right’.  Something strange… but, what?

I looked out across the green grass of the yard … there it was again!  The shadow went around in a circle … it was shaped like a giant … grasshopper!

I looked up… saw a giant grasshopper flying overhead.  It was big… when I say big … that grasshopper was over a foot long!  I began to really look at it … thought … that’s not a grasshopper!

It began to descend … until … it hovered on the ground in front of me!  I looked closer … I saw a pizza box underneath it!  What the ……!  This was the pizza I had order a little while ago!

About that time, another … grasshopper … swooped down, to hover in front of me!  This one was green.  There was a bigger package underneath!  I saw the name, logo … of a famous company on it.  My order was here!  Look how it came!

I knew now, these were the drones I’d been hearing about on the world news!  They were finally here … I looked up in the sky out of curiosity to see if there were more.

I saw red drones … blue drones, white drones.  Each was going along its way with packages underneath them … each had a destination to deliver to.

There was a soft hum in the air … a new sound I’d never heard before.  The future was here … drones flying as if it was the most natural thing in the world.  The sky was alive with .. colors flying through the air, each going to its own special destination.

I love colors!  I never knew I’d be able to sit on my front porch … actually see beautiful colors of packages flying through the air … packages that held treasures!  Suppose someone shot one down … to get the precious cargo?

My mind began thinking all kinds of things … now, there would really be no privacy left in the world.  Neighbors would be able to spy on the other.  Law Enforcement would watch, listen to everyone … no matter if they weren’t doing anything wrong.

Soon … our thoughts won’t be private.  I wonder what they have invented to … steal our thoughts?  That would be the end of us as private citizens when the day comes … the day when our thoughts are stolen from us.

Note From Author:  This day is almost here… the drones are flying in some states.  I just heard that on the world news.  This story I wrote above … isn’t true.  But … I expect it to be before too long.


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1 thought on “The Day Our Thoughts Will Be Stolen From Us…

  1. Hi Gloria! 🙂

    Yes the flying delivery drone is finally here! 🙂

    We also have pilotless flying combat drones, autonomous combat vehicles, smart mines, autoguns and soon we’ll have power armour once they fix the power storage problem.

    Science Fiction is rapidly becoming Science Fact!!! 🙂

    As I write England has the most CCTV cameras of any country and after all I was put through I now know just how far that surveillance state goes!!! 😦

    And they can already read minds using the Polygraph machine as well as MRI scanners which have shown what parts of the brain do what, so they can tell if you’re lying!!! 😦

    Big Brother was Orwell’s view of a dystopian future and it looks like it is becoming true… 😦

    Love and huge hugs! 🙂


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