I Traded High Heels, Beautiful Clothes For … Adventure!

I Traded High Heels and Beautiful Clothes For ..Adventure!



The Texas Canyon, one of the most amazing and beautiful places in Arizona!  The huge boulders lying and sitting on other boulders are just so beautiful.  I am talking about many beautiful rocks and boulders… everywhere one looked.  They were in all kinds of formation and it was fascinating to just … look at them.  We used to stop there sometime every week, week and a half…. traveling back and forwards to California, Oregon and Washington state and just …………..

It’s located in Cochise County in Arizona near Benson, Arizona….east of Benson on I-10.  We’d stop at the rest area there and take our time there… we’d walk and talk with other people who were also, traveling. Texas Canyon is one of THE beautiful places that stood out to me…. I always wished to climb up on the boulders, which would have been dangerous for more than one reason…

Snakes, poisonous snakes and the danger of boulders toppling…. and once when I wasn’t with Skip, he stopped there and as he was walking toward the bathrooms.. he noticed a …………..mountain lion laying up on the huge boulder ..basking in the sun!  It lay there watching him.. it never bothered him.

One had to look closely or… they would miss seeing the mountain lions or snakes in the desert.  Their colors blended well with the desert colors.  You could stand looking at something… and become aware of…. when your eyes adjusted to what you were seeing…something looking back at you!

We saw many things… unusual and wonderful… and scary!  We also, met the same kind of people!  Truly …one had to stay alert traveling as we did….. we saw and heard many things that happened to people who weren’t.

I wouldn’t take back a thing I learned while traveling.  We traveled each week to new and wonderful places and some not so wonderful.  We traveled in comfort on a big tractor-trailer that was decked out inside.  I made it even more beautiful by putting my touch in it with decorating it with pretty things in the big area that was our ‘living room/bedroom’.  We had color tv and our cellphones and a refrigerator… everything but, a shower.  We could stand up and walk around while the other drove.

We stopped each day at nice truckstops and paid to take a shower in freshly cleaned bathrooms!  I loved it.  We would eat our meals there and all over the country, we sampled many different foods, some good and some…………………. not my favorite.  Sometimes we’d just spend the night wherever we wanted to at nice motels, sometimes hotels… depending on the area…. and truck parking.  We’d stop sometimes to rent a room to shower and take a nap depending on how exhausted we were…for several hours.

If I couldn’t find Skip when we’d stop at rest areas… I knew he was somewhere talking and could be sitting in someone’s motorhome or travel trailer drinking coffee and talking!  He was a….
talking machine!  I would laugh when I would find him… sitting and enjoying talking to people and I would call him a talking machine.  We had such fun and always felt so good talking to people when traveling.

My Skip .. the Talking Machine!  He always says he doesn’t talk much and isn’t very sociable… all I have to say is ‘ha!’  Skip is all that and people love him… he is so interesting and very knowledgeable about … most everything.  He can talk with anyone from a doctor to a homeless person on the street.

People love and gravitate toward Skip… they instinctively know he is a good person…. even dogs ‘recognize’ him and… the meanest dog will calm down around Skip.  He calms me when I’m upset.  I’ve never known a more patient person… the complete opposite of me.  I don’t think he’s ever known a more …impatient person than I!

In an emergency, he is cool as a cucumber… I learned that through time and in all the scary weather we traveled in…. the worst the weather… the calmer he became… he was one with that truck and …one never felt so safe when with him on icy mountain roads…. and mountain passes.

He even loved to race the tornados up on I-40 near Amarillo, Texas…and we…could see them!  People would be under bridges and we would… be going down the highway!!!  It was scary, it was exciting and a true adventure!  I loved it…. though..I was terrified.  I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else but, Skip ….in an emergency!

Myself… I also, love people and talk to them.  I’m different in the way I react to people… I’m more cautious.  That’s ‘normal’ for me … it all stems back to childhood.  I’m private and I only show ‘some layers of myself’ to people….. part of my life will always be …private and never shared.  I make no apologies for that…. that’s the way life is.

I also, drove that big tractor-trailer on the highest mountains in the United States where houses looked like tiny boxes when… one looked down.  I have alot of adventures to … share in time… both wonderful and not so wonderful.

I went to truck driving school after working in an office at the hospital (2 different hospitals)  wearing high heels and beautiful dresses every day… I was a ‘sissy’… but, my strength laid within ‘me’.

On the mountains and grades and terrible driving conditions…Skip was there beside me.. teaching me what to do on them when driving the truck.  I never one time got the brakes hot…. and I saw drivers doing that often.  One’s life depended on NOT doing that!  I love to live!

I began dressing in wonderful, cosy clothes for all the blizzards and snow we traveled in, the changing climate…. what a wonderful time that was!  It was exciting and it was like keeping one’s finger on the pulse… all over the country!

We knew what was going on all over our country and when we’d hear something on the news… sometimes we …saw things after they happened…. or passed by ‘just before’ they happened’ or… sometimes we ‘were there’!  I have many stories to tell about Being On The Road!

2 thoughts on “I Traded High Heels, Beautiful Clothes For … Adventure!

  1. I used to be drivers mate on trucks when I was 16 and had a great time with the guys until my accident and dad tried to kill me again. 😦

    To this day I have fond memories of working on trucks and the places we went to! 🙂

    Trucking is a whole other world!!! 🙂

    God Bless!


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