I Thanked God…

I Thanked God

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


I was lying back on the lush, green grass

Wildflowers growing all around me

My feet were propped up on a big, round boulder

My eyes were looking to the sky

Clouds as big as houses were floating above me

Fluffy, pure white clouds

I reached my hands toward the sky

From where I lay it looked like my hand

Was touching a cloud… I pretended to pinch it

I suddenly had a craving for cotton candy

Only… I would want pink or blue cotton candy

To pinch off with my fingers to stuff in my mouth

I felt little legs crawling over my arm

A little black ant scurrying on its way

I flicked it gently off onto the ground

I loved laying on the soft, thick grasses

My feet propped up on the boulder

I wiggled my toes in delight

Closed my eyes… enjoyed the warm sunshine

On my face, my skin… my hair

I could smell my perfume as it became warm

Mixed with the wildflowers that I also, lay on

Beautiful… a beautiful, warm scent in the air

I could lay here forever

A blue dragonfly landed on my toe

I watched it as its wings fluttered

I thought of Tommy, as I stayed still to make it stay longer

The dragonfly finally flew away

I took a deep breath, got to my feet

Tommy’s gone to heaven, I can’t bring him back

I looked back to the sky

Thanked God for Skip, our three Pups

They were all I had left in this world

It was time to go now… I began to walk

My lips began to smile; I could hear Skip and the Pups

Hear them in the distance… I couldn’t wait to join them

I couldn’t wait to be back in our family circle

The Pups ran toward me… I saw Skip catch sight of me, smile

I was back with my whole world around me … I thanked God


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