That’s The Beauty Of Becoming … Older

That’s The Beauty Of Becoming … Older
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee
Do you have to constantly get something from another … for you to give your friendship to?
Do they have to ‘buy’ you?  I remember being younger, and the ‘friends’ I had … weren’t real friends.  I had to keep giving … this was before I learned I ‘could say no’.
One memory comes to mind, was when someone I really liked, came to visit me.  I was probably eighteen… she was a little older.  She came into my living room all smiles, confidence.
She looked me sitting on the couch in my pretty nightgown, my book close by.  She said, “I want your nightgown!”  She saw my book, said she’d like to have it, too!
I gave her both… I didn’t want to.  I didn’t know how to get out of it… gracefully.  I would have been very embarrassed to have explained ‘why’ I wanted to keep my nightgown, my book.
It took years to learn to ‘say no’.  I look back to ‘before’… when I should have.  It would have saved me so much grief.
You know how being young… you think you have to do everything someone else tells you … or someone’s going to get mad at you.  Back then… I couldn’t bear for anyone not to like me, much less be mad at me.
Today … I am myself; I can tell you ‘no’!  If you don’t like it… or turn against me … you just have to.  I can go my way… ‘let go’ of you.  I would never if possible say ‘yes’ to something I don’t want to do, or agree to do.  I would wish you all the best.
That’s the beauty of becoming a little older…
Photo Credit/ Story are owned by me (of me), #Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka #grannygee

8 thoughts on “That’s The Beauty Of Becoming … Older

  1. I have the same problem hun! 😦

    Saying No to dad wasn’t an option and he broke my spirit so it took decades to get better! 😦

    Doug won’t take no for an answer and his aggressive begging was wearing! 😦

    He’s a narcissistic personality who only cares about himself and he will say anything, do anything, to get what he wants

    And if he is refused?

    That’s when he starts threatening to get a gun and shoot people because he is weak and cowardly.

    Still: He’s out of my hair for the moment because he’s getting sick pay and has £2,000 left of the money his mother left him.

    He says he’s going to use it to get a bus driver’s licence, but he said that months ago – as well as saying he was going to get a gun again!!! 😦

    Sometimes there’s no helping people… 😦

    Love and huge hugs my friend!!! 🙂


  2. True, true, true…so good to see you back and to read your wonderful work…July is my “bad” month, its been four years and the memory never dulls nor the pain less (losing my girls). But, older…I am loving it as it gives me a new outlook on life one that makes me think and write more. Just placed my books on Amazon in paperback from Kindle. Check out if you have time. Enjoy the end of summer. Hugs to you my friend in sorrow ajm

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