Home With Her Loved Ones … Forever More

Home With Her Loved Ones … Forever More

Home With Her Loved Ones … Forever More
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Wrinkles … loose skin hanging in folds

The body old, fragile … beauty long gone

She gets up to walk to the door … she groans

Oh, her poor hip … aching joints, chest … pain unlike before

She used to be young, beautiful, agile at … one time

Those days are gone … she’s left with her memories

In her mind she saw sunshine, herself running like the wind

Happy, free as a bird, from the pain that invaded her body

She held onto the wall for support as she walked

Before … she walked with such vigor, strong … lively

Now … she limped from the pain in her hip where she fell

Years ago … out the door she went … in a cowboy fall

She smiled at that memory … that was the fastest she ever went out a door

She lost her footing, flew out the door, tried to hold on, instead flew across the porch, landed on cement steps

Damn! That hurt like hell … she remembered hoping no one saw her

She raised her head to see, no matter the excruciating pain in her hip

She wondered who was at the door … the doorbell rung again

Her wrinkled, blue-veined hands turned the knob

Someone stood there … her eyes widened at the black hood

The black cape that hung to the ground … she felt the pain unlike before

In her chest, a storm began to play out … a volcano exploded

Her visitor took her by the hand, led her away into darkness

The pain was gone in her body, her soul was freed to soar

Soar with joy, happiness … Death had come for her

She went to Heaven, sensed other souls around her… she didn’t see faces

She ‘knew’ who each was, they were her loved ones, long gone before her

She was home, now … home where she belonged

No more pain, sadness, loneliness … she was home with her loved ones forever more
Photo/Poem Credit: is of me, owned by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

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