A Girl’s Got To Do What A Girl’s … Got To Do!

A Girl’s Got To Do What A Girl’s … Got To Do!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

(Read my story ‘A Burning Box’ to get the first part of this story about Victoria … Victoria is my main character in the book I published, and am in process of writing the 2nd book about her) … (this won’t be in my book … I’m practicing writing to inspire myself to get started writing again) …

Victoria let the incinerator cool down. She reached the broom sitting nearby, began to sweep up the small amount of ashes left of … her sister, Charlotte.

Damn! This was all that was left of her sister. She almost began giggling hysterically … it wasn’t funny her sister had died … yet, it was funny in the context that … this was one way to lose weight! No, it wasn’t funny … she quit laughing.

She walked over to the shelf, found an old urn. She took the hem of her dress, used it to dust the urn off. She took the lid off, walked over to her sister’s ashes. She picked up a little dust pan, swept the ashes into it, poured them into the urn.

Now! Now, the bitch won’t bother me anymore, she thought. It was a shame Charlotte became greedy, not wanting to share their grandmother’s wealth when she died. Without planning to … she’d taken Charlotte out of the picture. She had it all!

If she could, she’d slap the hell out of Charlotte. She’d made Victoria kill her ass. She had to figure out how to dispose of her ashes.

Victoria heard a sound behind her! What the hell! She knew it was impossible, but … there was someone down in the basement with her! How could that be? No one lived here, but … her … and Charlotte. She just burned her ass up into the ashes she’d just filled the old urn with.

She stood there with her back to the sound. She wouldn’t let on that she knew someone was there. She stayed busy with her hands, got one of them in her pocket, pulled the little snub-nosed pistol out.

She listened closely to the tread of soft steps behind her. When she thought it was close enough, Victoria turned around quickly!

Son of a bitch! It was Charlotte’s boyfriend! He must have been sleeping over. She saw his shoulder… his shirt was bloodstained. That’s who she shot in the bed, thinking it was her sister, Victoria!

He held a hammer in his hand… ready to strike her from behind! Oh no, you don’t, you bastard! She never hesitated … she shot him dead in the heart. He fell with a loud thump. She watched him … he never moved.

She turned the incinerator on …. found another urn to put his ashes in. Damn! She had to go through the whole process of cremating a body … again!

She put his ass in the box, slid it into the fire. She stood there watching the box burn, thinking … she never planned on all of this. Charlotte brought all this on because of her greed. Charlotte had set off a chain-reaction ‘making’ Victoria … do what a girl’s got to do!

Photo/Story is of me, owned, written by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

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