Victoria Felt The White, Hot Anger … Began Smiling


Victoria Felt The White, Hot Anger … Began Smiling


By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee … a drawing of … Victoria Fairchild


The young girl stood in front of her stepmother. Her stomach felt sick … she thought she was going to puke right in her step-mother’s face. She held herself tightly … don’t move, don’t move … she told herself.

Her stepmother screamed, raged at her. You little bitch, you’re just like your damn mother! I hate you, she screamed at Victoria. I don’t want you living here, I wish you would die!

Victoria felt the tears flow down her cheeks. She honestly had tried to fit in with her father’s family. It wasn’t working at all. Charlotte was always doing something wrong, like sleeping with her boyfriend. Victoria would keep her from getting into trouble, hoping it would make Charlotte love her, be happy to have a big sister.

Whenever Victoria walked through the doorway at the same time her father was entering it … he would physically jump away from the door. He would look at her with the meanest expression on his face … he would growl at her to go on through!

Victoria would go to the bedroom where she stayed most of the time, when she wasn’t in school. She tried to stay out of everyone’s way. No matter what she did, didn’t do … somehow, she managed to stay in trouble, grounded. Her sister, Charlotte, got everything … she was the golden child. Charlotte couldn’t do any wrong.

Her stepmother began slapping her in the face. Her head went this way, that way with each blow. Soon, blood began flying out of her nose … even through the pain, Victoria had the urge to run clean it up!

Her stepmother stood glaring at Victoria. If I could, I would make you have an accident! Victoria stared at her stepmother in shock … she’d never said such a thing to her in the past. Her stepmother truly hated her!

Everything began when her father, stepmother came home from town. Her father went to their bathroom, came back to the kitchen, spoke to Victoria’s step-mother.

Victoria’s stepmother told Victoria to go to the bathroom. Victoria went to hers, Charlotte’s bathroom, to wait. Her father came in … stood, glared at her. Victoria was afraid of him.

Did you use my razor, he asked her. She knew she hadn’t used anyone’s razor. She knew Charlotte had used it to shave her legs.

This time, she wasn’t going to take the blame! No, I didn’t use your razor. Her father raised his voice at her for the first time in her life. You are a liar, he yelled at her. You used my razor, and put it back in the bathroom, dirty!

No, Victoria cried … honest, I really didn’t use your razor! Her father stood looking her in her eyes … when his hand came up, struck her on the side of her face, knocking her into the porcelain sink. He reached for her … just as her stepmother came into the bathroom.

Her stepmother pushed her father out of the bathroom. Victoria began to cry silently … her father had never hit her in her life. He’d never yelled at her until today.

Her stepmother came into the bathroom, began screaming at her. She began slapping Victoria in her face, making her nose bleed. Victoria wanted to sink into the floor, away from such hatred, pain. Physical pain … mental pain.

Victoria began to feel a white, hot anger course through her body. It was a danger signal. She began to stand taller … a little smile began to form on her lips. She was a sight to behold … her young face was covered in blood mixed with tears streaking through it … smiling a sweet little smile. Her eyes were cold as ice …

Her stepmother froze, looked closer at Victoria. She felt a chill go through her. She instinctively knew … she was in mortal danger. She began to back out of the bathroom, all the while watching Victoria. She knew she’d never abuse her stepdaughter again.

Victoria fought the urge not to strike out at her stepmother. She closed her eyes, took deep breaths; repeated to herself to calm down.

Victoria knew she couldn’t stay here another night. Someone would die. She was going to run away to keep from hurting her stepmother. Victoria was fourteen years old, not old enough to make it on her own. She was going to call her mother!

Soon, Victoria’s mother, and aunt drove up in the driveway. Victoria ran out to them. Mama! I’m so glad to see you! Her mother pushed her behind her … she was ready to fight Victoria’s stepmother. She had just come out of the house, began walking fast toward the car.

The women began screaming at each other. Victoria’s mother told her to get into the car. They got in behind her, and Victoria’s aunt began to drive. Soon, they were at her mother’s home. Victoria took a deep breath … she could relax, now. She was very happy to be … home. She smiled a real smile … that reached her eyes.




Photo Credit/Story Credit belongs to me. Story is written by me, and is partly based on true events in my life. Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Victoria Fairchild is my main character in the new book (2nd book about Victoria Fairchild) … I’m writing at present. My book is a scary book … Victoria is a very unusual character. One never knows what will happen…

This little, short story won’t be published in the book. I am warming up to begin writing on my book, soon. Call it practicing … 🙂


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