I Have Stopped Drinking Diet Soda As Of … Twenty Minutes Ago!

I Have Stopped Drinking Diet Sodas As Of … Twenty Minutes Ago!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


  Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee …

This morning, I was sitting here, watching The Doctors. Something I saw on there … finally convinced me to make a decision. I can let go, easily …now.

No, I won’t do it again, unless … it’s the only thing around. Then, I will decide how long it’ll be to get to something else. If it will be a long time, I will do it.

What is ‘it’, do you ask? Well … drink diet soda! Oh, my! How many times, have I heard over, and over … what diet soda can do to one? How many times … does it take to finally … hear?

I guess it takes a certain voice, a visual image, a fact you never heard before … this morning, one fact stood out to me. That was diet soda could help to bring on a cardiac event.

I don’t need that. I have a heart condition that I was left with … after my chemotherapy sessions some years ago. The drug, adriamycin … was the culprit. How can I say ‘culprit’, when it was one of the drugs that helped to save my life?

I went into congestive heart failure, almost died. I didn’t know I was in the world … until I came back, smiling at the doctor I was looking up at. I remember that night … I smiled all night long … I was so happy to be alive!

So, I don’t need a … cardiac event. I know what that’s like. It ‘can take you away from here’.

I don’t need teeth to turn yellow, look like teeth on someone who does a drug called crack. I didn’t realize that!

I am aging okay ‘now’ … that I’ve learned to cope with my son’s death. I don’t need … the extra aging diet sodas cause over time. I’m doing ‘good enough’ … on my own!

I don’t need the extra weight that drinking diet sodas cause over time. So, I will work on that, ‘now’!

They used a make-up artist on The Doctors, to make up a young woman to show her how she could become in years later from drinking diet sodas. Oh, my God!

So … I’m not trying to tell you what to do (because I love diet sodas, also!) … I am telling you what I’m going to do! I have stopped drinking diet sodas … as of twenty minutes ago!


Photo/Story Credit is owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.

Note by this author:

I stopped drinking diet soda for a time in the past …. well, I began drinking it again. I think I was addicted to it! It ‘pulled’ me back to drinking it. It really is ‘too good’….


4 thoughts on “I Have Stopped Drinking Diet Soda As Of … Twenty Minutes Ago!

  1. The killer in diet soda is a chemical sweetener called Aspartame.

    I know because it came close to killing me a few years back, giving me a near heart attack!!!

    The doctor had no idea why it happened, but I read up on the symptoms of Aspartame poisoning and found I had the same symptoms!

    I stopped eating or drinking anything with Aspartame in and recovered within a few weeks.

    No wonder they call it Sweet Poison!!! 😦

    Love and hugs!


    • Yeah you and me both! 😦

      I have half a bottle of sweetener in my cupboard that was supposed to wean me off sugar in my drinks – there’s so much information on its effects on the web, yet nothing has shown up in the press or media.

      These days I check ALL labels before I buy!!! 😦

      Love and huge hugs! 🙂


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