If You Lie To A Dog … You’ll Do Anything!

If You Lie To A Dog … You’ll Do Anything!
By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




Precious, sweet Camie is napping after getting her medicinal bath.  She is the Pup I rescued.  She has many friends on her Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/camocameobates  Come be her friend … I keep her page updated.




Have you ever watched from afar … people who don’t realize you notice them?



Have you ever notice how people deceive, lie to their loved ones? How the loved ones will justify all they do, give them undeserved credit? Isn’t it sad?



When a person is in love … they trust, believe in the person they love. You are … supposed to be able to do that … whether married, or not.



I notice relationships that make me sad. I wish I didn’t think about them … notice. I am a person who believes in being loyal, true to the person who trusts you. It’s an honor for another human being to trust one. Do … you know how hard it is to trust? Sure, you do.



I see people play on their loved one’s emotions, constantly. Lies are constantly told. No matter, the loved one can’t see it for the love in their hearts. Love blinds some people.



People who lie, cheat, deceive … seem to get to ‘have their cake, eat it, too’. Have you noticed? They make out ‘like fat cats’. Even the ugliest people … because ‘everyone knows they can trust an ugly person’. They ‘can’t get anyone else’. That’s where people get fooled, and get … what they deserve when they think such things.



An ugly person can cheat, lie even better. No one expects them to do that. But … I’m not talking about ugly people, beautiful people … or in between. I’m talking about relationship trust … trust from a person who loves the ground you walk on … even trust from a dog.



I’ve never cheated … but, that doesn’t mean I’m perfect. I am just very loyal, and mostly very … truthful. I don’t like to lie, deceive … even to people I … don’t like. I don’t even like to tell my dogs … a lie!



It feels bad to tell them something … not do it. A dog’s feelings are important, too. They love, trust unconditionally. The sad thing is … they love you even if you are a lying, deceitful person as long as you treat them good. Lying, deceitful people have dogs, too.



You know you don’t want to lie to a dog … if you’ll do that … you’ll do anything!




Photo is of Precious Camo/ Camie … owned by me. Camie is the puppy I rescued. She has her own Facebook page I keep updated. You can visit, be her friend if you want. This is her link: https://www.facebook.com/camocameobates



Story is owned by me. It’s really a serious, humorous article. Still … I don’t lie to my dogs! 🙂 We have three!

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