I Learned The Hard Way!

I Learned The Hard Way!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee





Photo of a much younger Granny Gee … Gloria Faye Brown Bates …. photo owned by me

I wonder what stays in the back of everyone’s mind? I know I have several things in the back of mine. Worry over this, worry over that. Do you do that, also?

Though, I worry … I pretty-much stay positive … knowing somehow … everything’s going to be alright. Do you think like that?

It’s because ‘I know’ … without knowing, all will work out in a good way. Still … I do find myself worrying at times. Life is a struggle at times; do you agree?

I remember the ‘good old days’ when we didn’t struggle. I remember how it felt for all to fall into place. Didn’t worry about bills, eating in nice restaurants, going here … there; traveling. It was a happy time. Especially, going shopping at any given time. I never looked at a price tag.

Well, I remember my mother saying, “Faye, don’t fly so high that you can’t fall”. 🙂 I’m old enough to understand what she meant. Damn, a lot of those old sayings are so … true! I fell right on my ass! 🙂 I flew too high …

I’ve learned many of life’s lessons the hard way … I promise you, that I learned good not to repeat mistakes. It isn’t worth wasting time, nor … feeling the pain from them.

I’ve also, tried to learn from … others’ mistakes. It’s much easier to do that … then, it saves time … not only that … it doesn’t hurt at all!

Of course, just like I’ve always told you … I am not perfect at all … and I still say, do things that just aren’t perfect at all! Doesn’t it seem like one could get perfect after learning so much?

Younger people who think they have the world by the tail … might heed some of the ‘old people’s sayings’. Why? Because, I, now … know they knew things I didn’t know. Why? Because … they did things, and like me … I learned the hard way!

Photo/Story Credit: Both are owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka &grannygee


2 thoughts on “I Learned The Hard Way!

  1. There is no other education than that of the University of hard knocks! 🙂

    Sometimes we have to learn the hard way – there ain’t no other way if the lesson is to stick I think! 😦

    Love and huge squishy hugs my friend!!! 🙂


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