She Ate Her Dog … Without Knowing It!

She Ate Her Dog … Without Knowing It!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka #Granny Gee


Artwork by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka #Granny Gee.  Her glasses are litte wire glasses I shaped with my hands; also her earrings … bracelet on her right arm.  🙂



He made supper for his girlfriend. Candles sat on the table … creating a relaxing atmosphere. Her face looked beautiful in the candlelight. He kissed her on the forehead as he went to sit down across from her.

She felt a soft glow in her heart. He had went to all the trouble of making her a beautiful meal. This was very special, indeed. What made it more special was … they’d had a big argument that morning. The biggest argument ever.

She saw a new light come in his eyes, that she’d never seen before. It was disturbing, because at the same time … a sinister little grin came across his lips. She had all but, forgotten that now, as she sat at the beautiful meal he had made for her.

For a brief moment, she felt grief for her little dog. She usually fed him tidbits under the table when she ate. He went missing several days ago.

Her boyfriend was speaking. He told her he’d fixed her a special meal because he wanted to make her feel better. He knew they’d argued, and her little dog was missing. He was sorry for both.

As they ate, they talked about many things. For a moment, she wondered if the tender meat was pork, or chicken. They tasted similar. The gravy made it delicious. She asked him which it was … but, he didn’t hear her. He kept making conversation.

The evening wrapped up, and they went upstairs to bed. She slept close in his arms the whole night through.

The next day at work, she heard his special text tone on her phone. She had to wait several minutes before reading it. She finished making copies, went to her desk to sit down.

She turned her Iphone on, and looked for his text message. She came across it, eagerly looking forward to what it said.

The message appeared on her screen … this is what it said:

How did it feel to eat your dog for supper, yesterday? I’d love to be there this moment to see the expression on your face. I hate you, you bitch! You and your dog deserve each other … now, you both … are one, and the same!



Photo Credit is of me, owned by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka &grannygee .

Story is mine, owned by me. It is based on a true story … only I embellished it by writing more details I imagined … to tell it.


3 thoughts on “She Ate Her Dog … Without Knowing It!

  1. I lived in a pub when I was a teenager and remember one of the women customers telling a story about after a row with her hubby she made him a meat and potato pie using a tin of dog food for the meat, it slightly backfired when her hubby without knowing what she had served him told everyone it was the best thing she had ever cooked, so I can well believe there are sick people out there who would go one step further

    • It was just on the news about another man killed his girlfriend in the bathtub … he cooked, ate her heart, lungs … and part of her brain. You are so right …there are sickies who will take it a step farther! Oh my!

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