I Came From A Hell Of A Family!

I Came From A Hell Of A Family!

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee



Photo of me being silly … you know … life is life … we are what we are … no matter how one tries to pretend they are something else.  I am myself … and that’s the way it is.  I hope people will like me, if they don’t … I hope they will decide to.  I am a good person, regardless of where I come from.  Looking back, I can see the humor in the Hell I grew up in, also.  There was some good things … sometimes.

When I’m dead, and gone … you are going to wish you’d been good! Oh, Grandma, you’re never going to be … dead and gone, never!

My Grandma Alma would always say that, and say … when I’m dead and gone, you are going to miss me. I just thought she was saying that … you know how … old people are! They are always talking like … they know everything!

Even George thought he knew everything! You are going to wish you had listened to me, he’d say. Blah, blah, blah. As much as I loved my Grandma Alma, George … I … was the one who … knew it all!

I wonder how in the world they ever stood all of us kids? They never complained. When I saw tears was when one of the mothers would come get us, take us away for God knows how long. Some grandchildren they never saw again … for the rest of their life. I could see the pain in Grandma Alma’s eyes.

It’s a good thing Grandma Alma couldn’t walk … she had five daughters who gave her a time … especially four of them. She would have done some … serious ass-kicking. She was a force to be reckoned with in the shape she was in.

Grandma Alma was paralyzed, and she could throw a mean glass of water, though! Not only that … she could lay a cussing on someone that make the flowers wilt. Not that she liked to … but, what else could a paralyzed woman do in a world she couldn’t control. I’d break … some kind of bad, too! I’d crawl to whip me an ass! Low-crawl! (Tommy and Skip taught me that word, what it means! 🙂

Poor Grandma Alma, and George. What a pathetic life they had … everyone else determined what their days were going to be like. If they wanted a peaceful day … someone would come in to raise Hell … the devil lived in that house. There was never no peace.

They were only two … they were out-numbered by the many family members who came to ‘stage a show’ in the center of their sitting room. More blood was on that old, wooden floor than anyone could shake a stick at!

Hair was pulled, teeth gnashed, and the God-awful sounds came from someone beating the hell out of the other. The strange thing was … all the Hell was never beaten out of anyone. I still carry a little of that Hell in me to this day.

I have a very high temper … the good thing is, I’ve learned to control it. It’s very rare do I lose it … and when I lose it … I want to get out of Dodge. I inherited that famous temper … I’m not proud of it at all. The only time it’s a good thing is … when I … need to take care of business … I will … hold my ground.

All of my family members had a ‘hell of a temper’… and they always held their ground. I don’t know of one, when looking back … who would walk away when someone tried to dominate them … no matter how little they were. If for any reason someone did … that person had better watch out later on in life. If I did, I would just smile … and be patient.

It’s no fun being angry. I grew up in a quiet way, when I could control my world. I have never liked to hear angry voices … it makes my stomach feel shaky … and if I hear someone hit the other … I feel anger. What kind of reaction is that?

Anyway, I love peace … not many of my family members did. There were always instigators who thrived on the excitement of another family member or ‘friend’s’ …. turmoil, unhappiness. They would wear a gleeful smile on their faces. I think of several ones right this moment … see their expressions in my mind. Some of them could be pure evil …

I just don’t like to hurt anyone physically … or mentally. I will do all I can … to not hurt anyone. On the other hand … if I’m pushed, dominated, treated bad … all Hell’s going to break out. It’s the way I am … I have to be a damn to my own Hell. It was born in me.

I’ve heard people all my life say, “Gloria, you’re too sweet to ever get mad”. All I could do was smile sweetly …

I’m not proud of having Hell in me … but, whether I like it, or anyone else likes it … it’s there, and has been since the moment I was brought into this world. I came from a Hell of a family!

Note by this author:

I came from a hell of a family, that’s true. But … I loved everyone of them. Everyone had a good heart when they weren’t angry, or hating. We were all born that way, hated to see it in the other. No one could ever be close because … everyone was too much … alike.

They’d give you the shirt off their back, but … if you pissed them off … they’d damn sure take it back! I can see the humor in some of it … I smile even now. I wish they were all living again. I wasn’t afraid of the … big, bad wolf.

There’s not one that I wouldn’t welcome back … no matter how mean. Everyone of my family members had a place in my Heart. I wish they hadn’t … died. They loved life, too.

Photo… Story Credit: Is mine, both are owned by me. Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka &grannygee



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