They Were The Kindest Of Them All …

They Were The Kindest Of Them All …

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




Photo of Skip, and our Kissy.  We have two more Pups named Chadwick Elsworth, and Camie Rose.  They are my whole world …


The elderly, blind man sat in his old wooden chair on the front porch. He was smiling softly … the smile even lit up his sightless eyes.

The little girl sitting at his feet looking up at his face … smiled back at him. She loved to see George smile … she always tried to make him smile. His smile touched this little girl’s Heart … it was so kind, sweet. George was the kindest man she ever knew in her little girl life.

She was excited … wished the other kids would come on. George was going to tell stories about Brer Rabbit, Three Bears, and who knew what else! George could make the kids ‘see’ the story as he told it!

She sat on the cool cement of the front porch, waited eagerly. She saw her cousins walking up to the house. They’re coming, George, they’re coming!

She picked at her big toe … she’d stumped it the other day. She was always getting hurt. To keep up with all the boys, she had to be tough … it wasn’t easy. No, it wasn’t easy at all … but, she damn sure did it!

The little girl leaned her head against George’s knee. She listened to the other kids as they were shoving, pushing each other to sit down. I’m sitting here! No, I want to sit there!

George told them to hush that noise if they wanted him to tell them stories. That shut the children up … there wasn’t nothing like George’s stories!

Everyone quieted down. They sat in a semi-circle around George. They waited.

George cleared his throat … and began. He began to talk in Brer Rabbit’s voice … the story was on!

The kids sat mesmerized for the next hour. George had transported them into a make-believe world. It was wonderful, special. The little girl loved it. She could tell stories, too. She’d learned from George … only his was the best!

George finished up with the last story. He told the children it was time for him to go inside, and see if Grandma Alma needed anything.

Faye, the little girl, looked up at him … thinking he was the best grandpa in the world. She loved him with her little girl Heart. He was always so kind to her, to others. He sure loved Grandma Alma.

Until this day … she only knew three of the kindest men she’d ever known. George being the first … Skip being the second … and their friend … being the third.

In her whole life … that’s saying a lot … those three men were the most kindest men of all. She loved them all with her Heart. They were the kindest of all.

Photo is owned by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ &grannygee

Story is true … I was the little girl named Faye. Story is owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee


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