See What Thinking About Something … Gets You!!!?

See What Thinking About Something … Gets You!!!?

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka #Granny Gee



Photo is of me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/ aka #Granny Gee.  It is also, owned by me…………….


We stopped at a local grocery store today to pick up several things. We opened the glass door, waited to enter.

There are always so many people at this store … people have to be patient with each other. Sometimes, one’s patience wears thin. In the area we live in … everyone knows the store I’m speaking of … I don’t even have to mention the name.

It’s really nice to have a store like this, close by. A lot of people eat meats, because their meats are cheaper. Not only that, they are cut up each day, fresh.

Well, we finally got into the store, turned to the right to get a shopping cart. I went to put my hands on the handle … I tell you right now … I almost lost it!

I felt cold chills go down my spine, and I began going to pieces inside … it almost made me … create a scene. Now, I’m not … going to create a scene if at all possible. If I do create a scene … you know it was … a ‘have-to’.

I was having a heeby-geeby fit right in front of everyone … but, no one saw a thing. I felt faint!

There was a darn … praying mantis on the handle of that darn shopping cart! I almost put my hand on it! Oh, my God! I closed my eyes, and felt my body shake all over!!! I held my hands to my chest!

A Spanish man, and woman was standing behind us … they did know something had just happened. The Spanish woman picked the praying mantis up … took it outside. I admired that! They were very nice people … we spoke to them several times as we waited to walk through the store.

The thought went through my mind … that I had just wrote a story about the praying mantis in the butterbean vines! See what thinking about something … gets you!?

Remember? I also, wrote about thinking about something … and it appearing? Mmmmmm-mmmmm!!!

Photo/story credit is owned by me, Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka &grannygee


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