SPIDER! and Classical Music …

SPIDER! and Classical Music …

By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee




Our huge, sweet Rottie … Kissy Fairchild


Kissy Fairchild, Precious Camie and … Skip.


Sweet Chadwick Elsworth …


Precious Camie … Kissy Fairchild.  What you see above is … my whole world.  I cherish them with my very Heart … Skip, and our Pups!


This is a laughing Granny Gee … all hell broke loose, and she was on it like a mother lion … until …. Gloria Faye Brown Bates ( sometimes, we do things we don’t have to do … our minds play tricks on us … we go in survival mode … and we win the battles … we must … win!)



Oh my! My heart is still beating fast! Wow! Gracious! I had such a scare this morning! I thought Kissy, our big sweet Rottie … was in danger of being attacked by a … giant spider! Excuse me, while I take a big breath … I went into ‘warrior-mother lion’ mode! I began to battle, only to find ….

First, let me tell you, that at this very moment … I have soft, classical music playing to calm my heart … my soul. I have been through ‘something else’ this morning … before daylight!

I want you to know that I will ‘fight a bear’ to save any one of our three Pups! You will see in just a moment what I will do! They are my babies … and my world. So, is Skip … and I would fight to save him from danger, also! He just happened to be outside the chain-link fence, sitting in his pickup … ready to drive off.

I was talking to him, saying goodbye …when I locked the gate. I could see good … between the night light, and porch light. So, when I stepped backwards, our Kissy Fairchild Pup walked up to me. I was telling Skip ‘bye’ before he closed the door to his pickup.

When all of a sudden … I spotted something on the ground! My heart almost stopped! It was standing beneath Kissy! It was a spider as big as my hand! My hands aren’t big … but, when a spider is as big as them … that’s just too much. This was the biggest spider I’d ever seen!

It looked like the spider online, when I was on the computer, yesterday! I didn’t realize there really are spiders as ‘big as a puppy’! This spider was almost that big!

I stood for a moment … until Kissy began to walk. No! I screamed. No!

I grabbed him, threw him aside … and began stomping that spider! I mean I really … killed him. I kept on killing him … until he was so dead … he couldn’t come back alive.

When I stopped killing the spider … I heard Skip talking, asking what was wrong … what was wrong?! I told him I had just killed a spider as big as a puppy!

He was ready to get out of the pickup, until … until I moved, my shadow moved … and I looked down!

That spider was so flat on the ground … with those scary long legs! That’s what drew my attention in the first place … the huge body … the long legs sticking out from it!

I leaned down cautiously to look at it more closely … when I felt like the biggest … fool … there ever was!

It wasn’t a spider at all … my senses had begun coming back to me … I thought if that had been a spider that big … then, I needed to call someone. We don’t have spiders that big in the USA!

There, on the ground … flat as a pancake was … a big … clump of … grass … with all these blades of grass sticking out … like spider legs!

I looked up at Skip … he said “what”? I felt sheepish as I said, “that ain’t no spider! That’s just grass”!

Did you know … he began laughing at me! We said our goodbyes, and the Pups, and I came into the house. I turned the soft, calm, classical music on to settle my heart … it’s still beating fast!

Thus, this morning before daylight, was about … the spider, and classical music! (I’m still trying to calm down … heck, I was fighting a real battle in my mind … I was protecting my Pup!)

Photo/story credit are owned by me … Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee &grannygee (I am still taking deep breaths!)



2 thoughts on “SPIDER! and Classical Music …

  1. No blade of grass is safe when Momma Gloria is around!!! LoL!!! 🙂

    I’ve seen a spider that big! 🙂

    My mate Rick used to keep spiders and had a Goliath tarantula in a glass tank, the spider as big as a dinner plate!!! 🙂

    His other tarantula had to be fed very carefully as it’s fangs were able to penetrate most things! 😦

    I never understood the attraction myself, but Rick loved the risk!!! 🙂

    Love and huge hugs!


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